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Not realising...



Not realising that I could create a dairy here, I started one elsewhere. If anyone cared to read it there, and comment, I would be so grateful.


I also nurture a faint hope that someone (besides me!) might just find it helpful!


Please see: http://strokesurvivorblog.wordpress.com/




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Ben, I think we all want to chronicle our adventures in the world of stroke, so as not to feel this journey was for no reason at all. Spread the word!

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I thought everyone would be horrified at what happened and not want to hear about it, but someone recently said to me it's quite the opposite. They want to have hope that if something terrible happens to them, it's not the end of the world, just the beginning of a new one! We are their compass, so they can find their way.

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Ben :


I hope you create your blog here too so that we can get to know you more personally. I have been blogging here for past 9 years & I have found it very therapeutic for my soul.


Asha(42 year old survivor)

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Great writings Ben, keep on making notes and your recovery will seem just another bump in the road and you'll have a great piece of mind in your recovery. I think that's what I got to have carried me through these 9 years of my survival and recovery so far!

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Again, my thanks for supportive words here. I have decided that, having started on wordpress, I shall continue there - the mechanics of posting in two places are more than I want to get into. Wrestling with the quirks of one site is enough for me, and I make mistakes which I have to go back and correct - doing that once is enough, without putting myself under pressure to do it twice.


Also, I hope that using an 'open' web log site may mean that I pick up a few 'casual' readers - we shall see.


If anyone on this site wishes to follow me on http://strokesurvivorblog.wordpress.com/ then they would be most welcome, and I don't feel too bad asking you to make the small extra one-off effort of 'following' me over there! Comments will be most welcome, too - it helps me feel less isolated, and I pray it may benefit you too.


Again, my thanks - and happy reading!



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I just got to take a peek, as there is much activity going on here, with repairmen and inspectors in and out of the house, but, I think I am really going to enjoy it. I love your style of writing, it keeps me engaged :)

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