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First, let me congratulate you in your recovery, man that is great walking and without a cane. I will pray you continue doing what you do in getting where you are and you are not finished yet!


Work on that left arm, hand and fingers trying to open them and swing that arm instead of holding it so stiff. The brain is disconnected from that side so you have to physically tell it to move, open and swing with your eyes looking at it. Keep on going you are almost there.


I got nine years of recovery and no where close to doing what you can do now with ever how many years you got recovering. For me to walk as far as you did it would take me 30 minutes with my cane.


I don't use Facebook, twitter or any other site but this one so I can't hit you there! Sorry.

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Thanks Orlando for taking us with you on the walk around your neighbourhood. You are doing so well now. Those shade trees would be a big asset in summer. I just loved the way your helper coached you as you went around. Good to see you on posting again.



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