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It's done



So, just wanted to check in right before weather report and bed.


Got home in time to have dinner with Bruce. We ordered a pizza - yes, I know, not real good for a diabetic, but we both deserve a treat once in a while.


Bruce and I did get out Tuesday afternoon. It was horrid - hot and humid, and we were not out long, but still I worried. AC in the car works fine, but still not in the house. In our poor years, we used fans and just AC in the bedroom, so that is exactly what I did. Still a bit humid.


Yesterday was horrible. I literally had an Inspector drag me up and down all three floors for an hour trying to locate a Patient's cigarettes (his Nurse had them - exactly the right thing - LOL). Now I am tiny, but I am not a Spring Chicken. I took a long lunch break so I could spend some time with Bruce. Even Bruce said "you are soaked!" Always the lady! So my long lunch with Bruce was a shower and clothing change. I got home about 9pm.


Now I am trying desperately to hold things together here at home. Bruce is asking questions I know are reflective of his anxiety and Kira is out of her mind. Plus I always have to keep a mind to my temper. I did so want not to take my exhaustion and concern out on Bruce.


Both of us were up at 4:45 am. Once I popped Bruce out of bed, my mind started and that was it for me. So coffee and normal morning routine. Bruce assured me he would be fine for an extra 20 minutes (total of an hour and 20 minutes) alone. My fellow part-timer was already there at 7:30 am. We laughed as we both got coffee that we had already had three or four trips to the BR. Hopefully just a couple of hours finish up in the AM (it is a holiday weekend and they are State workers).


I am not even thinking about the fallout, because there is always fallout. We now have time to sort it all out.


Paycheck should be amazing. Colleen and Nancy: some spending money - LOL.


But, best part of the whole week: Bruce was continent overnight! LOL. I said to him he was sending me off with the best gift he could have given me. And honestly that is what kept me going all day. When I was getting overwhelmed and anxious, that recentered me and I smiled. I assured him tomorrow afternoon was the start of party time! And I am cutting some hours next week. Bruce is not much of a partier, I am pretty sure he just wants his life back - LOL. Erma will get us in order tomorrow morning. Bruce has already told me he has things "planned" for the afternoon. That is also a gift, in itself, as usually it is "follow you."


So it is done. Some real positives came out of all of this and yes, it was only a week, but I am hoping it just added another layer to Bruce's recovery. Good weekend all. Debbie


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Celebrate well this weekend! You both deserve it. I remember the stress of Joint Commission coming to certify the hospital I worked in. What you've gone through sounds the same. They find every nit picking thing they can to send everyone scurrying. It might just be a week but it takes a year off one's life! Glad it's over.


Overnight continence is wonderful! I'm glad you continue to see signs of improvement in Bruce. I know it is slow and never as much as we hope for but every bit is exciting. (At least I think it would be...)


Hope your weekend is restful and fun. ~~Donna

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Isn't it funny the things that thrill us now? Last night Ray slept from 11:00 until I got up at 7. Both highly unusual occurrences. So good to sleep through the night for a change, even if I spent the whole time dreaming that Ray was back in the hospital. He is back asleep for a few hours now, so I know I can (probably) relax. However, he is very annoyed that I have a "ladies gathering" this afternoon down the block; I have money from the garage sale for a couple of them plus I was assigned to make dessert so they will be looking forward to seeing me. Maybe not for myself, but still!


You will like this, I am bringing a "healthy" cake that I've made before, it's like pineapple upside down, but on top is sliced apples and cranberries, and the cake itself has pumpkin and applesauce instead of shortening. Unfortunately when I took it out of the skillet, it landed on the potholder, and then fell apart a bit when I removed it. So off to the store this morning for some heavy cream, so I can whip for topping, then hopefully no one will notice. Did I say it's healthy? Maybe not now!

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Debbie, glad your work week is over and you can relax. The money is always good too. Hope one of you wins big at the casino.


The weather here has been very cool. Last night is was in the 40's and today a high of 70's. Too cold for all the pool openings but nice and sunny.

It will be nice to finish my flower plantings. No HDTV that is in for repairs but we have the old one which is 15 years old. Nothing like the old stuff!


The pizza sounds good. Maybe I can puree a slice for Larry. lol



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debbie -- warning - dan only plays cards here at our local bar- reason he keeps touching ( straightening) the cards.. in a real casino big NONO as you know - here at our local bar its ok ( providing no "big" roller are playing) but dan is pretty content with slots.... and we only got lucky last time out of someones rudeness LOL- but we were clearly headed for a corner quarter slot machine near the exit as we were waiting for our bus.. and some jerk just literally sat at the chair as dan was reaching to pull it back to be pushed in with the wheel chair.... anyhow, then the hunt for another corner position-- found a dollar machine - wheel of fortune- and one the second pull - 600.00 -- dan was all done we cashed out, loaded on the bus and went "home"... so at a casino dan is mostly a machine man, and black jack is about the scope of abilities.. but babe he would enjoy someone else - i think- , our guys they sure make our lives intresting - dont they ?

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I'm reading between the lines on what you described in the Blog about Bruce and you! That's a good thing and the more days, evenings you two have like that the better both of you will feel. That's how my wife and I work it out but talking her into doing it goes in one ear and out the other two some time!


I usually know when she is ready by what she puts on after her bathroom/closet visits. She is a night time person not in the mornings even on non working days!!

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