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Getting older



I am 80 years and 8 days old. Next month it will 5 years ago I stroked at 4:00am on a Sunday morning. I have read here several times about how progress never stops after a stroke. I have seen this to be true but this last year has taken away all that I gained. I just don’t have the strength I had even last year. Worse than that I just can’t seem to get motivated. I do what I have to do but not much more than that. I sleep 8 to 9 hours a night but still feel tired. I guess that all of you say welcome to my world. Maybe tomorrow will be better.


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I don't think progress ever does stop but the effects of aging don't either, sad to say. If you haven't had a physical in a while I would get one to be sure everything checks out. Then just do the best you can...activity can help combat the effects of aging too. I'm hoping your tomorrow is better too.

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I certainly agree with the comment above and my progress hasn't stopped as I get closer to 72 in a couple months. For me it's been 9 years on an already military worn out body plus another 20 years of working.


You "Must" stay active as possible for your body to continue to function as best it can physically. You have to put "Mind over Matter" from the physical stand point and do all you can. For me I ride my exercise bike daily, stretch with an over the door gadget for shoulder movements and muscle control.


I drive, walk with a cane, use my scooter, walk with my little puppy down the sidewalk and stay busy most days doing something in the house to help my wife keep it straighten up some since she works daily and comes home tired and feet hurting.


I clean the ceiling fan blades, dust every room, run the vacuum then sit for a spell to get on this site once or twice some days. If I don't stay active I feel bad. I was due to go back in Therapy but had to delay that since I just had both eyes done to remove cataracts and insert lens to see much better.


I hope you find a routine to help with how you feel on aging and stay young! I'm even going to start back bowling for fun with a lighter ball in the old timers fun league for the Summer Time!

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Glenn :


welcome to best online stroke support group. Aging with stroke is no picnic, hope & pray tomorrow is better day for you. hope you get your physical & get doctors feedback on how to improve your health.



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Hi Glenn: I am 72 going on 73, and we oldsters do get tired after a long day doing what we can for our recovery. I can testify there is progress for older strokies, it just takes longer than for young people, I believe. Good luck, and keep posting. Henry

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