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Me and the new technology just don't jive



I think I mentioned we received a new HDTV from the kids for Christmas. It took 5 cable techs to finally install it right! We had no problems until recently. The blankety blank thing blinks off and then comes back on. The problem is it went off a couple weeks ago and then did not come back. The cable box was on so I thought I would call Samsung first rather than pay a service charge to our cable company. By telephone the rep had me give the model number, etc. and ask about the cable box, lights on TV, etc. She said the TV was not working and said I could send it back to them for repairs. I ask if they had a service rep here and she found one. I hauled the TV over there with Larry, which was about 30 min. away. Parking was lousy but TV is not heavy to get in and out. They checked it and two days later said they did not find anything wrong. Now, I am going back and forth again to Samsung. It is still blinking off and on and I have a warranty until Dec. so I will wait till it goes out and then send it to Samsung. Supposedly they will repair it. Ha! It's enough to put me over the edge!


Larry went to a new speech pathologist for his swallowing problem. She has a little more expertise and can check his swallowing through some kind of stethoscope. She said we could stay with her to do the E Stim or go to another facility which has a special Vital Stim therapy which is more advanced. She made some helpful suggestions, like turning his head to the left when swallowing. She also mentioned toast was easier to swallow as it dissolves. We never heard this from the other therapist!

We are waiting to see if Medicare will allow the benefit for this. I will have to take Larry further away for this plus it is 3 X a week. One therapy a week is enough for both of us usually! He has used some of his therapy for PT but it has helped with his leg weakness and he hasn't fallen lately. He just needs to MOVE more. He also has swallowing exercises now. You would think those were easy as he can do them watching TV but he gives me "the face" when I remind him.


We have had storm warnings for the past two days lasting until Sunday. The ground is saturated and some areas have flooded. Tornados can easily come up with storms. I take Larry to the basement with my cell phone when I hear the warnings. He can use the hand rails and I hold on dearly. I plan to get our old TV down there as that is where we rely on the weather reports. I also have a NOAA weather radio.


I'm waiting to have some fun and enjoy the summer.




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I got faith in you to get it all figured out before too long. I didn't get HDTV or 3DTV yet and probably will not anytime soon. I got one for our family room, 60 inch, from Fingerhut on a military discount I couldn't pass up! We have Time Warner Cable for all our hookups and that works out great for me.


If anything goes wrong or stop working I can get a service man out in two days or less. I'm waiting to get out and go places for summer too. We went to a casino for Memorial day and my wife is ready for a trip to New Orleans real soon for family visit and casino too.


I was suppose to start therapy again today but had to cancel due to my recent eye surgery and avoid any type of straining for a few weeks. I would take therapy at the VA but that's 50 miles round trip three days a week so I go local where I live.

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Julie: I just can't imagine. We were talking Wednesday about you having to get Larry to the basement. Colleen and I have days warnings for weather issues, like our blizzard. But 15 minutes - both of us were so thankful. Again just the difference in geography. I think about the electrical disconnect and being in the basement and just hyperventilate. I had to get the front door cleared to open from the blizzard. We couldn't go anywhere, mind you, but I had to get that door open!


I think I would do exactly what you are thinking, just set up that basement like a living room.


TV I can't help you with. You need a 20+ something! LOL. The only reason I bought our HD was I could carry it and it has the built in DVD. Bruce notices no difference, but he watches TV differently than Larry. But like Larry, I watched the Stanley Cup finals on it in HD and I was thrilled.


Just hope the Estim or Vitastim is approved soon. Really thinking this may help. Gets those muscles moving, reminding them of their job. Be safe, Debbie

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Julie, I know the frustrations of being technically challenged. If anything electronic of mine doesn't work I holler: "Trevor!" and hope that works. Warranties are not really worth the paper they are printed on.


I hope you get some sunny days and are able to enjoy the Great Outdoors. Sue.

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Our weather radio, cell phone alert, and sirens going off last night. I got Larry to the basement even tho it was his bedtime, he went. Tornados all around us close by but not here. Several tractor trailers overturned, houses destroyed and total damage to a school but no one hurt. We have rain today again which is bad for those areas in the flood plain. Sun to come out tomorrow and nice for the next 5 days. Hooray!

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Julie, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we had a Samsung TV that did exactly the same thing. It finally died completely. After some research I found out this is not all that uncommon, and the cost of repair makes it not an option.


My advice is to pursue it with a vengence while it is still under warranty. Once that expires they will forget your name and you will be buying a new TV like we did.

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Julie, I was thinking about you when I heard of tornados in your area. I'm glad you are able to get Larry to the basement, even if it's difficult. At least you can get there. Enjoy the next few days of calmer weather--hope it lasts much longer than that! ~~Donna

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Thank you for thinking of us with the bad weather. We are lucky as there was severe damage not far from us and our kids were all safe and no damage to their homes. Larry's daughter was in a restaurant during the storm and they made everyone go into a cooler when the siren's went off.


George, I was just wondering what year you had this problem with your TV? I too read about the others on the internet. I am going to end up sending it to Samsung as it is their policy to either take it back to the repair shop or send it to them. They will not do home repairs on a 32" TV. The repair shop could not find anything wrong and said he thought it was an electrical problem. So frustrating!


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I don't recall the exact year it was but about a 2006. The cost of new ones these days makes repair usually not worth it. We would up buying a Best Buy house brand 42" for $400 bucks and love it BTW, the sales clerk said when I complained about the Samsung only lasting 5 years said that is the normal lifespan of these things today. So, considering the good price I got the TV for I did buy the extended warranty even though I usually don't buy them. At least I know I have a good TV for 5 years.


I would suggest you beat up on Samsung and whomever you bought it from while it is under warranty, then plan on a new one.

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