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Discovered Treasures



We had a very interesting week past. First Car Show of the year, meeting up with Nancy, Dan, Colleen and Ray. Just as we were leaving the Casino, weather turned true summer; hazy, hot and humid. AC was in and hasn't been off since. System going through right now, so hopefully some relief on the way. Cicadas have arrived and the mosquitoes have hatched. Good times.


The one thing I do know is Bruce does better with me home. Now, I won't go back to 24/7 any time soon, I still need some time away, but am so glad Bruce will be getting his Botox and another round of therapy starting next week.


A close friend paid a visit, I call it her semi-annual visit. Haven't heard from her since the wedding. I used to think of her as Bruce's best friend. I don't want to sound mean because she has an aging Mom out of state that she goes to spell off her sister every other weekend. But she used to call Bruce on her rides there and even that has stopped. And Bruce does so adore her and look forward to her visits.


Bruce and I are working on what I call "self-directed" projects. Lord knows after 4+ years, I haven't found the key to what will grab him. I always say I am done, but I can't give up - LOL.


Many years back, Bruce heard, after a very long time, from his Mom's youngest sister. We were invited to Bruce's cousins' weddings. She asked that we bring the family photo album and spent time with us looking it over. She asked that we leave it overnight, which we were glad to do. Next morning when we were on our way home, due to pick it up - no one home. Bruce called a few times and yes, she was going to send it back. Then the second wedding, Bruce told her he was picking it up - she said she lost it. Bruce called the older cousin and asked that she please find it and send it back. We have heard nothing since. Bruce just accepted it, said the family was always messed up, but in the meantime, no photos of his Mom. There is one hand-painted portrait that his college roommate had framed for him.


So in desperation on Sunday, I asked Bruce if he could go through some of his stored books for me. His love is books and it sure shows. Mary Beth has taken three SUV loads of books from the attic for her annual library fund raising. After the addition was built, Bruce assured me that he had gone through everything in the attic - LOL. He has three walls of shelves, filled in his office, plus some some smaller ones in what I call the gallery-now the pantry. Carl and I did an inventory when Carl got the ACs down - there are still 15 boxes up there! Gotta love him. Most I can't carry, but there are several smaller ones, so I brought those down.


First one was his college textbooks and he said they could go. Second one was the find! A couple of novels - they could go and then I did not hear from Bruce for over an hour. There were some sandstone tiles he does not remember getting, but I am sure it was either a New Mexico or California trip - waiting to hear from them. Some book plates he picked up at Brown. Adhesive is shot (ya think?) but very pretty. And then the pictures. Lots from his undergrad years at Suffolk (with the New Mexico and California group), a small album from his year at Brown and those two roommates. More importantly pictures of both graduations with his Mom. I left those out on his table. The others I will keep handy so we can share when people visit. It is just precious watching him look at them, rub his finger over them. Their relationship was troubled, for sure, but she is still his Mom. The day after she died, he called me after getting the arrangements made. His wife had left him a week before and that still hurt him. Between dealing with a marriage falling apart and a Mother who was dying, he was shot. We hadn't talked in a year, but I said come ahead. So in a way, Bruce's Mom brought us together.


Can't wait to see what the remaining thirteen boxes contain - LOL. Debbie


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Memories...some sweet...some painful. We lost some family photos when a lady who was a distant cousin of Mum's came for a visit and asked for some of her photos of her family to have copied and then vanished. I remember a colorized one of Mum's mother in a dark green velvet dress I would have loved to have kept for future generations. Maybe see if there are cousins, family friends or old neighbours who may have taken some photos on a casual visit and kept them. Sending out some letters or emails never hurts, at least it will help reconnect Bruce to his past..


Friends do drop away (ask me!) and that is a sadness but it is inevitable. Other casual acquaintances don't quite fill the gap but we need them anyway. I am lucky I have so many of those, I only see them maybe once or twice a year but it does keep me grounded.


Hope you find more hidden treasueres and maybe get a circus strongman in to get the rest down for you.

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Debbie, that story of Bruce's family album lost was so sad. How can people be so cruel? I'm glad he found some things he enjoyed finding again. Memories and so precious to him.


Larry and I worked on an album for him. Remember the project I thought of? I still have tons of photos in boxes. I did a Memory Album for both my kids. Our daughter in law, Jen, has several albums she has done very artiistically. She is the queen of scrapbooking. Larry's ex made copies of the pictures she had of the kids and their family when they were married. I put those in the album That was a nice thing.


It was a gorgeous day here. I got Larry out for a short walk. I wish my neighbors would keep their sidewalks free of debris. I have to be careful Larry does not roll on a stick or something.


You have your work cut out with 13 boxes!



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