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Introduction, My path



blog-0488329001370692496.jpgHello, it has taken me over 10 months to realize that I need to tell my story. It has been 10 months filled with every emotion, many of which I have never experienced before. It is my hope that not only can I help others who are sent on the path that I have traveled, but that I may receive guidance and support from those who are on the same path ahead of me. I realized only recently that it is very lonely to walk, crawl, and run on this path alone, not knowing where to turn - there have been many intersections, forks in the road, and I believe that I went in circles in a rotary a few times not knowing where and when to make my exit. I've traveled in darkness and in fog that has forced me stop in my tracks leading to a "time out" of tears or perhaps a moment to scream out loud before i continue on again...I don't rest for long. Alas, there are those days - the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, the birds are singing - I am filled with hope, there is nothing that can stop me - I am energized, and I can carry on ready to meet and defeat the next challenge. These are the days that are few to come by, but these days cancel out the rough days ten-fold, maybe 100...my name is Jean, I am married to David and we have two boys, 10 and 13 years old. On July 21, 2012, David had a stroke.


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Hi Jean,


You're right in saying it's a lonely path to walk alone and the thrill of finding others like you is almost a heady thrill. I'm on an adjacent path as a survivor but often our paths converge and seemingly without trying we still help each other through. Your hope to help others will be met as will your hope of guidance and support.


I hope you will stop by the message board and say hi so the others know you're here and can say hi. There's a forum for new caregivers to introduce themselves and quite a few seasoned caregivers to welcome you. Welcome!



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Jean :

welcome to best online stroke support community. you write so beautifully. Stroke affects whole family. As a survivor I can so identify with what you are going through right now. I know stroke affects whole family. as a family we walked same path you are walking right now in 2004. But I am here to tell you even though it feels like you are drowning sometimes in sea of self-pity & uncertainty. just remember to keep your head above water & I promise you tide will change. when my stroke left me paralyzed on my left side in 2004 & retired me from the job I loved I never thought I would find joy in living again, I hanged tight dearly on my hubby's strength till I found this site & found my own inner strength again. Now after 9+ years on this post stroke journey I can look back & see my stroke just as speed bump in my life's journey which allowed me to slow down & enjoy scenery along the way. though I admit it was not easy first few years, had it not been my young son & hubby I would not be here. Though I found blogging & chatting with other survivors very therapeutic for my soul. hope to see you around more often. Encourage David to join our survivors chats, or start his own blog.


Asha (now 42 year old survivor)

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Hi Jean, I like you am a caregiver to my husband. He stroked in 2012 on May 5th. You didn't say what his disabilities. My husband is left side affected and doesn't have much use of his arm, hand and leg. It has been over a year now and he is getting better as at the time of his stroke his entire left side was paralized. We have therapy 2x's a week when i can get him to go but other than that we do what we can at home to help him progress. I will tell you this, I have had my days when I just want to give up and say this is as good as he is ever gonna get but I have to put those thoughts behind me and plug on! It takes a lot of time and the people on here are great! Don't know what i would have done if i hadn't found this site. Keep the faith and keep your chin up! If you need me just send me a message i am on and off the site several times a day. Sending Prayers and (((((((((HUGS))))))))))))) your way!

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Guest hostwill



Welcome! I am a chat host and look forward to seeing you in our chats. Things will get better, as all of us survivors ca n attest. we're here if you need us,



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Jean, Tell David the door is open to chat and/or talk as needed All of us have been there and done that, and to help you / David through this time is part of the deal with the new cards we were dealt John

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Hi Jean, Welcome here to this board. You will find a lot of support and help here as I have. We have a caregiver chat on Tuesday evenings and you can come and vent, ask, share or just listen.


Julie, caregiver to spouse, Larry, stroke 2/5/10

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Jean: welcome. I found this group at just about the same time as you have chosen to join us. I was in a puddle on the dining room floor. Nine months of tough, hard work - recovery noticeable, moving forward than then overtoning kicked in - back to square one.


Bruce and I had planned to marry in 2009, stroke happened. But we finally did it last December and that was exactly what I said in greeting our guests. Everyone at the celebration chose to take that fork in the road with us.


So many ups and downs and yes the loneliness. You will find great support, compassion and advice. Meet many great people. And on those difficult nights, someone is always here. You will check in often and help out.


So happy to have you on board. Welcome, Debbie, caregiver to spouse Bruce, stroke 2009

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Welcome Jean, I am Sue, Blog Moderator and Caregiver chat host. I live in Australia and am a widow as my husband Ray, who I looked after for 13 years died last September after many, many strokes, siezures, dementia etc caused his slow decline. I have stayed on as a volunteer.


All of us cried rivers of tears, went through the "Why me?" stage, in fact went through all the stages of loss and grief. And then hopefully we reached acceptance. I picture acceptance as a tiny island in an ocean of tears. We don't get to stay there long as other happenings drag us back into the tears, denial, anger, "why me?" bargaining, etc stages. Life is for us a rollercoaster.


But you have found us and you have found a supportive, friendly, experienced group of survivors and caregivers who will do anything they can to help you. Join in as much as you can, continue to post on your blog, read the posts of others and come to chat if you can.

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