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Texas To Allow PTSD Dogs In Public Places!



Starting 1 September, residents with physical or mental disabilities, including war veterans suffering from PTSD who use service animals will be able to take their animals into all Texas establishments without having to show paperwork on the animal.


Governor Rick Perry signed House Bill 489 on Friday. The bill allows residents with disabilities to use service animals in all public places, including retail businesses and restaurants, without having to show the qualifications or certifications of the assistance animal.


This is good news for those who use a service animal to help cope with post-traumatic stress disorder, according to the governor. For veterans suffering from PTSD, a service animal can be a strong part of their recovery and a comforting presence in the midst of what can feel like chaotic and stressful situations, Perry said in a news release.


This bill is a smart way for us to give back and help any Texan, including our veterans, lead a healthy productive life. The legislation was created to prevent discrimination. Businesses and public facilities may inquire about the type of assistance provided by the animal for admittance, but cannot deny entry to the animal.


I am pleased that the governor saw the importance of this bill for so many of our returning wounded warriors, said Rep. Jose Menendez, the bill's author in a news release.


This bill is an important step in helping the growing number of disabled veterans as well as others who depend on service dogs in their daily lives to have the same right of access to businesses and other public places that all citizens enjoy.


Well this will work for me since I'm home all day every day with my little dog while the child is in school and now going to the boys and girls center for summer activities before school starts back after the summer break. Most people I see daily think she is my little dog for that very reason. They can't believe how she hops on the scooter to ride with me.


I tell them she stays right by my feet or bed all the time and monitor me to see if I'm OK and breathing by looking right in my eyes and watching my actions.


We shall see how long this new law stays in effect in Texas and if other states will in act the same law in the near future for our disabled veterans. The big factor is not all veterans will get approved for PTSD. I WAS TOTALLY SURPRISED THEY WAITED SO LONG TO APPROVE MY REQUEST FOR PTSD OF 100 PERCENT.


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Fred: absolutely wonderful news. We saw several just this past weekend at an event. Just so much fun and so important. Good news! Debbie

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Great news Fred. I know in Colorado we didn't have to have Pookie licensed as a service dog, as long as she wore a service dog vest and provided a service for Gary, that was all that was required. In AZ the laws are different and they require special training and licensing, which I doubt Pookie could go through at her age (she is 9 yr. old now).

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These dogs make wonderful companions and support to those in need. They have been allowed in schools here and there also was a blind lady in our former church who had one.



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