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Why does everything happen at once?



I have had the roofer scheduled, along with my deposit, since April. We have had a lot of rain, so my roof has been rescheduled twice. They finally came today at 6:15 a.m. The cats were freaked at all the noise. I have always been like "the project manager" because Larry worked, and now he is unable to help. Five men were here all day and half will come back tomorrow at 6:30 a.m. to finish. Now I have gotten several bids, picked the type and color of shingle and made sure I had the old vents changed and a vidge vent installed at peeks. The crew were very courteous and removed everything in the way from our patio, flowers, chairs, etc. They cleaned up afterward. The only problem I came across were the vents. The foreman said he could not change the vent to my dryer but I argued he could. The power vent was not cut off properly in my opinion, just taped off at wire. I called and complained I didn't want a fire, but the owner checked with his man and said it was safe and besides, they didn't do electrical. Ha! Covering his rear end I guess. So, I am calling my handyman electrician to check that out. It's always something when you make changes!!


I had a doctor appt. today but had Jim to take care of Larry and watch so no one fell off the roof. Tomorrow I have Larry's speech therapy again. Then, Sunday is his birthday party, which is also Father's Day. The kids will come over but it is suppose to rain again!


My neighbor across the street came over and asked if I would watch their house as they are going on vacation Saturday. Then, my other neighbor called and asked if i would watch for a package from UPS and water her flowers she will bring over, as they are going to Phoenix tomorrow. Her sons are going to college at U.of Arizona. I hate to see Josh, leave as he is my snow shoveler and helper! I also know my next door neighbors are going out of town next week. I will be hearing from her. I guess I am the neighborhood watch lady for the week. lol


I will be glad when the roofing is finished. The poor guys worked hard today and didn't even break for lunch. At least it was overcast and not hot and humid.


Happy Father's Day to all.




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Hope the neighbors all bring you back mega gifts for your services!


I hate having workers at my house, I feel like they are guests and I have to cater to their every whim. Luckily most don't take advantage.

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Julie: I agree with Colleen, hate having workers in, even our darling Pete, who built the addition, has his own key and just loves us.


Big doings with Larry's birthday and Father's Day. I do hope the kids will be helping out and the weekend goes well.


Always so much at one time. Schedule as best we do, just seems stuff bunches up. We have a week like yours coming up.


Good weekend honey. Do enjoy and let the kids help out. Larry gets to enjoy his birthday. Hugs and kisses to my Larry, Debbie

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I used to be the neighbourhood watch lady, only have four sets of house keys now as a couple of neighbours have moved on. Glad to hear your roof is getting fixed at last, yes, it is noisy but that feeling of security is worth it.

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Yea Julie, that seems to be how life goes as we know it for some reason unknown to me! I just recently had a new roof put on too and they arrived early in the am but was done, cleaned up the debris all around, and departed by noon. They stacked up the bundles and left over materials not used next to the garage and I had it stacked inside the garage after they left.


I chose the 25 year type so it doesn't have to be done again no time soon unless we have a tornado or real bad wind storm to tear it off again.


Tell Larry a survivor from Texas says "Happy Father's Day!!

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