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Off To The Casino!



My wife and I decided to make a trip up the road to visit and play in the casino again since summer will arrive on Friday and she is off for a couple days. It will be great for me to get out the house for a change of scenery and perhaps a streak of luck at the same time.


I read about the good times some of you had going to the casino and it got in my blood to go before it get to hot. Should I get lucky and win a thousand or two I could get my air conditioner in my SUV fixed. It only blows out cool air on the drivers side and I hate riding with the windows down.


Then my wife deserves a break from the bank and a change of pace too. I don't know how she makes it all day long on her feet as a supervisor in a 12 stall drive in bank, commercial window, and a walk up window to take care of customers for eight hours with just a lunch break. She has no foot mat to stand on while at the windows waiting on customers in very high heel shoes. Of course the tellers are sitting down taking care of all the cars that drive thru while she runs back and forth to attend their needs for a supervisor.


Oh well that is a job she dearly loves and have had since her college days in New Orleans. Now at 61 next month she wants to retire when she makes it to 70 years of age. I'll be too old to help her count her money each month by that time if I'm still here.


So I'll just enjoy each time we get to go away since she loves the casinos anytime she got a few days off. The closest casino to us is five hours drive in Shreveport, LA or in Oklahoma. Going to New Orleans is an eight hours drive but she has all her family members there too. That's her favorite get away destination and she usually wins on the penny machines while playing with her baby sister close by.


I just play the quarter machines and sometimes I can play a long time on a 20 dollar bill then when it quits giving I scooter over to another machine. I think it's the idea of getting away from home doing something you like to do is what's enjoyable but winning is always better no matter how big or little you win. Maybe it's my time to win some because it's been awhile now.


My daughter and grand daughter just got back yesterday from New Orleans visiting family and I don't know if they are wanting to go right back with us or not, I don't think so but school is out!


I shall return rested some and maybe with some dollars too to fix my car. See all of you later! Hold down the Fort!


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Fred :


Enjoy your vacation with your family. we will hold the fort till you get back with all the dough good luck.



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Fred: good for you. Yes, I agree with Sue, your wife is a true jewel and thank you for all of us wives - LOL - for recognizing that.


I know you are a bit more independent than my Bruce. But I watched Colleen and Ray. They are not gamblers. Did their comps, but for the most part just loved tooling around, watching people, checking out the shops. Colleen got into a conversation with a Security Guard! And that is Bruce. I would not be comfortable just yet with him taking off on the scooter while I gamble, but I do know those days are coming. And that was Nancy's point to me. Perfect place for so many reasons.


There are so many outlets, other than gambling for you - being so independent. Wife can do her thing. You play your comps, do some tooling around: check out the shops, enjoy a cool drink on a patio, people watch. Bruce would be happy at that point going to the room, shower, TV, snacks and bed.


Rock on baby. Good times coming. Debbie

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Any place outside the house is a good place to be, as far as Ray is concerned. Just the ferry ride over to Connecticut was a big thrill for him, he loves being on the water. The dinging and donging sounds eventually get to us, but all the excitement is good medicine. It seems to jump start Ray's brain. The noise bothers me more than him!


I asked a security guard where the family bathroom was, and instead he gave me the history of Rhode Island food. Which to me is fascinating; I can talk food all day long. I don't get to meet people from Rhode Island all that much, despite it being only about 60 nautical miles from Long Island. Luckily I knew just enough to keep the conversation rolling for about 15 minutes, much to Ray's annoyance. But it's nice when people want to talk to you, and don't see you as a wheelchair and a caregiver. Casinos seem to attract plenty of people with disabilities, so it's easy to feel comfortable there, even if you're not gambling.


But I have to say, meeting up with Debbie and Bruce was the high point; even if we won $1,000 it wouldn't have beat that! I wish you lots of luck Fred, have a good time!! Sort of like Lotto, even if you don't win big you get to dream about it for awhile, but sincerely hope you can get that air conditioner fixed before summer really hits.

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We made the trip to the casino and back today with more money than we left with after paying for gas going and coming back. My biggest payout at one time was 400 dollars. Then a short time later I hit for 110.00! Saturday night late the machines wanted me to pay back so I quit playing and went to bed after 20.00 lost.

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