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away for a while



I am going on a holiday. It is the first time I have been away by myself. The other breaks I have had since Ray went into the hostel and nursing home and since he died have only been down the south coast to stay with my daughter. This is different and I am a little anxious. I'd love to tell you all about it but am paranoid about "security" these days when scammers hack into profiles on Face Book etc.


I have had a frantic couple of weeks catching up with all the usual things you do before going on holidays, cleaning, tossing, arranging plant minders, someone to collect the mail etc. My younger son Trev will help out as will a neighbour if there is an emergency. We have had some wild and woolley weather so I need regular checks on the house. After another three day rain event everything is decidedly soggy so I will air what I can and leave the rest.


I am a bit afraid of how I will be meeting up with cousins who I haven't seen in years, as we all know people age differently and that can cause some stress. I know in a couple of cases they are not well so I will put on my caregiver cloak and do what I can, if only keep the caregiver company. That is the idea of the catch-up, to see how they all are and see if there is anything I can do for them. Sometimes someone from outside sees things differently and can help give a different viewpoint. Sometimes the person from the outside should keep silent...I will keep that in mind.


I am also hoping to have some fun. It has been a long time since I have enjoyed a good deep laugh. It has been easier the past few months to see my life as still viable. For a while, like most widows, I thought the best years were behind me with Ray's passing, but now I do see that it is possible to rebuild your life...painfully slow but possible.


I will report in when I get back. **hi**


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travel tips--- wrap your credit cards , pass ports , id's in tin foil, to keep a scammer from scanning your info... also could purchase a rdif case or billfold..... my other hope for you --- laugh so hard you pee you pants..... LOL have fun !!! nancyl

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I am always a nervous wreck before I go on vacation, even in the days before I had to worry about Ray and the wheelchair etc. It's the price you pay to be able to go away and leave your everyday life behind for awhile. I have three cats too so that's always a big consideration. You have to work hard to have everything taken care of while you're gone, that's just part of the deal. Once you're on your way, you will be free of all everyday, humdrum concerns.


You will have fun! You will be amazed at how close you feel to family, even if it's been awhile! You will be so glad you took this trip! You have my guarantee. Have a great time Sue, you deserve it.

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Enjoy your trip and your reconnection with relatives. You will probably have good insights into what might be helpful for them in their caregiving roles. Also, just being able to talk with others about something not related to illness or caregiving is a wonderful gift, as you know very well. Hope you have a great time! ~~Donna

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Hey Sue,


You are going and we are coming back so hope you have a joyful time and change of pace in your travels. Enjoy yourself and others you meet. There are some good people there I enjoyed my visit back in the day and going in "The outback".


I was under a doctor's care for my back so limited on some of my travels about the cities but the ladies were very kind to me in my condition. I could hardly walk at that time and it was very painful too! So enjoy being away from us.

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Sue: as Bruce and I were getting breakfast this morning, Bruce says "Our Sue is going on her jaunt." (you are on the calendar) But how precious is that!


I understand the anxiety of leaving for so long, but Trev has your back and neighbor is on board.


Neighbor called this morning - widow of 10 years - she will be away all summer - who is better than her. Oh, she will stop in for a few days here and there, to check the house. LOL. That is you baby! Her first away was very anxious for her, called me every other day - but look where she is now!


Everything on your body that is important. Love Nancy's suggestion of the aluminum foil - I will store that little tidbit. And carryon to have change of underwear, toiletries plus whatever you like to travel - your knitting, good book.


Bruce seems to have the same idea you have when we travel: connecting, family time, good conversation and catch up. Long walks, sightseeing, lunch in pubs - visiting and sharing with the locals.


Yes, it is a long time away, but in order to do everything you want to, am so glad you decided to do it.


Bon Voyage Baby! Debbie

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