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oh boy just to let you know that it is Canada dayjuly 1s :blowup: t and lots of things are happening on Canada day :cheer: we have lots of fireworks just about every where and then if you are hungary and looking for something yo eat we have the steveston salmon festival all the sockeye you can eat salmon feast and lots of ride yes its a carnival going on with lots of rides and then we have a dunking machine you sit in the chair and if you are a good pitcher hit the bullseye you can dunck your favorite person and like you in America a lot of Canadians is very patriotic here in Canada where they fly the Canadian flagand tyou hear oh Canada being played by the elementary school band and fire works wow just about every wher you go kaboom lots of colour and very big display at the baseball game take in a baseball game at queen elizibeth part where nat bailey is locacated go to the game when it is over yes more firworks and then just before the stevestonsalmon starts there is a very big parade which stats in steveston and goesd through city then the stevewston salmon fest is open toall you can eat and then a big ball game where the Vancouver police dept playd the Richmond fire department just a fun game but I love it and then the big nanimo bathtub race, where every one gets in a bathtub with a moter on and tries to be the fastest in the bathtub in the ocean and ring the bell to the finish lots of fun on Canada day , well very soon it will be july 4th and then Americas will be celibrating independence day so I hope that you will havea great july 4th happy birthday America I know that you will be having lots of fun I know we did so you had better pace yourself happy birthday america

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Hope you and your grand son got a chance to get out and see all the nice stuff to see and stopped to grab a bite to eat too! Then you two can enjoy the rides and any fireworks that may be going on today/night!

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