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4 vessel angiogram on Monday



I kind of feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. I found out on Monday, that I may have a saccular aneurysm in my right internal carotid artery, which is the same artery that spontaneously dissected when I was 31 and left me with profound disabilities. I have since worked very hard to regain my literacy and ability to walk. I don't really have a choice when it comes to having the 4 vessel angiogram done despite the risk of stroke that comes with this procedure. Having a saccular aneurysm and letting it go untreated is an even bigger risk, so off to the hospital I go on Monday morning!


i recognize the implications of having another stroke and possibly undergoing surgery to fix an aneurysm, but I've chosen to not dwell on all of the 'what ifs' over the coming days. Sure I'm nervous, but am I'm not letting it get out of hand. Doing so has really helped me find peace and accept my current physical condition. I'm still so grateful for all that I have. I have great family support, good friends and most importantly, faith that I'm always in God's hands.


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Guest hostwill



You are in my prayers. You certainly have the right attitude and that is a drfeinite plus. Whatever the outcome, we are here for you. After all, you are a SURVIVOR!



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Thank you for the prayers! I'm on the mend from the procedure. I'll post a new journal entry soon.


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