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changing the way therapist look at sublux shoulder rehab



blog-0987408001374674083.jpgI want to let every one with shoulder problems know that there is a arm brace that is designed to hold the shoulder in place that works with out restricting movement.I know that doctors and therapist don't recomend slings for subluxation (my girl friend had a stroke)but every therapist that has tried this sling now recomends it you can check it out at subluxsling.com


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I'm a guy survivor and my left shoulder is still lower than the right and I wore the braces, slings and had therapy twice each year until recently. My left collar bone was broken years ago in a motorcycle fall so it's been downward for many years.


My shirt collar seem to be buttoned unevened when you look at me but it's the collar bone being down more than the right not so much from the stroke.

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Looks very interesting. Bruce did suffer sublux initially after the stroke - it resolved in about eight months, but yes we did the sling thing and then a one shoulder harness - secured under the unaffected arm. And of course, positioning all the time. But since Bruce's resolved in exactly the amount of time the Neuro and OT advised, I never looked into the issue any further. From here I learned that not all do resolve. Thank you for blogging. Always glad to see new innovations in stroke recovery. Debbie

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