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Shutting Them Up



A couple of mates had been giving me grief about being chair bound.


Comments like: You lucky duck, you never have tired, achy feet. All you do is roll around all day. Must be nice.


Having grown beyond weary of their rubbish, I decided to give them an object lesson about life in a chair.

We're not all the Push Girls.


Inviting them over for chow, I failed to mention that they would be doing all the work.......................from my chairs.

Yup, prep, cooking and clean up.


I sat back and prepared to laugh at their expense and discomfort.


Of course they never imagined what it might be like to have to chop and slice at eye level.

Nor did they anticipate how gravity affects water on your hands, when your shoulders are lower than them.

They immediately noticed how difficult it is to see down into the sinks. How painful to stretch for the faucet handle.

How the cabinet doors and drawers banged into the chair, constantly.


I did warn them about the painful results of reaching over hot electric burners to reach the control knobs.

Only humane after all.


They struggled with everything and by the time they finished setting the table, neither was hungry.

The clean up was a delight to watch. Reaching up and over the sink rim, sloshing greasy water into their

laps, and all the dropping which requires fishing.

I didn't make them do it with only one hand.

They're just men, and clearly not up for that challenge yet.


The session was successful. ;- )

They were both very sorry for the kidding, and left with a burning desire to never end up in a chair.


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Good for you BluesMa. Most don't really know what the stroke survivors really go through on a daily basis. I'm sure they will be more sympathetic and supportive of you now.



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I'm surprised they went along, got give em kudos for putting themselves in your spot, so they could learn about the real deal. You get an A+ for being a good teacher!

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awesome lesson for all of us... even i never thought of all this --since dan doesent really have the abilities to do these things... except of course wash his hands... but the rest of it is so informative.. thank you..nancyl

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What a good lesson for them! I'm sure they'll be telling their friends about it, which will lead to more awareness and hopefully more empathy and compassion all around.

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You go girl! I couldn't wait to go home from the hospital just to get out of a chair (hospital rules - bah). I feel the same way about being one handed...no one can appreciate the frustration until they have been through it.

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the comments seem a little thoughtless. good for you. its hard for us to appreciate what other people are going through unless we can experience it ourselves. I'm sure that your friends will have grown in their understanding of you and likely have become better friends. david

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