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Finally find out about my hand tomorrow!



Exactly two months ago today, I went to an out of state wedding and fell on the sidewalk in front of the church, resulting in a very swollen, bruised hand. Finally, tomorrow I should get some kind of answer about what actually happened to it. I still can't get my wedding ring on plus I can't move any the fingers except the thumb more than a fraction of an inch. It's been making my wheelchair duties a bit difficult, to put it mildly. Last night, I went to flip the frittata I was making for dinner, something I've done a million times, and it fell out of the pan onto the stovetop, instead of the platter. That's the last straw! I need to get this figured out.


After breaking down and having regular Xrays done a few weeks back, I also saw an orthopedist who ordered an MRI, at the same place Ray had his a year or so ago. Now I know why Ray started yelling hysterically towards the end of his. They warned me beforehand that people get claustrophobic, so I kept my eyes closed which seemed to help; but when the technician would talk to me I'd move my head the tiniest bit to answer (laying on my stomach) and my head would bang into the top of the tube I was in. Next time I want open MRI!! And the noises, oh man. Like being in the middle of a science fiction movie. Poor Ray, I feel bad I subjected him to that torture, I thought he was just being a brat. They said it would take about a half hour but it was more like a full hour. Don't know how I made it through, although deep breathing seemed to help. Meanwhile, Ray was home asleep in bed and his time to get up was drawing ever nearer, just to add to my stress. He couldn't even call me if he wanted. But all was well when I returned home, I'm glad to say.


Happily, this hasn't been holding me back from anything. We spent three days upstate at Mom's end of July to get to see sis and her entire family (husband, kids and grandkids) visiting from San Diego. My niece who lives upstate has a newborn girl and a two year old boy, and niece from San Diego a four year old girl and also a two year old boy. Plus we found out, two more babies on the way, come January. Ray was delighted with the kids, really interacted with them, which is so different than his old self. Maybe he can relate better now? We had a great time, the highlight of which was going out on the lake in sister's boat for a couple of hours, which Ray enjoyed as much as the old days. He's sort of funny about water now, so you never know.


Then we had to rush home to get ready for a house guest. A priest I have been talking to on the internet for at least 5 years finally was coming to visit us, after several cancellations. We talk almost exclusively about food, not religion! He is sort of a mentor to me on the subject. Of course eventually real life gets mentioned too, you know how it is online, you say more than you ever would in person. When Ray had his stroke, we were already good friends so he said many Masses for him. I know that was part of the reason Ray came along so well, despite all his setbacks. Anyway he arrived right on time, after driving all the way from Milwaukee, and I had invited some similar friends to share an Italian feast of cannelloni and other delights that first night, just to break the ice. He ended up staying four days, which gave us plenty of time to show him around the East End of Long Island. Ray was crabby a good part of the time, not on his best behavior, but then again talking about food isn't really his thing. Me and Father Dave had a good old time though.


A few day trips coming up in the next month or two, but it really feels good just to sit and catch up on everyday stuff for a change. This is what I imagined retirement would be like, not exactly of course but not too far off either. Could be worse!


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Could be worse was part of my philosophy too. Life is doable, just not the way you planned it. And yes, it is a retirement of sorts. I am retired now too, and have to say I do appreciate the leisure time now. Of course without Ray I am very lonely. It is not what we ordered for sure but making the most of what we have is better than bewailing the past.

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Sue, I have been thinking about you this whole year, how you said you were glad you took every opportunity to travel in the beginning, when health wasn't as much of an issue. Just trying to follow your excellent example!

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oh my.... Sue... I hope nothing is wrong with it that could have been better if you'd had it checked sooner. I don't know what to expect, since it's been 2 months and it is still a problem. I hope and pray it will just be a slow responder.

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Oh well, too bad the other 10 replies here disappeared into the ozone. Anyway, an update. The MRI showed severe bruising, even in the bone, but no breaks. I think I already wrote that but since it's gone, I'll update it all.


I started therapy yesterday, the therapist assures me it will eventually be fine, and that I will be able to make a fist again. The doctor gave me a time frame of another six weeks, so hopefully by October. For now, I have to put heat on it at night, and cold in the morning, or maybe that's vice versa? I'll find out when I go back tomorrow. And she gave me a bunch of stretching exercises for my fingers in the meantime, both passive and aggressive (or something like that!). Right now it's covered by my insurance, but Sept 1 I will start again with co pays, so I'll just go four more times and then I'm in my own. It seems to be getting better anyway, finally, but anything I can do to speed it up would be a blessing.

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If one would only stop for a bit, do her heating and cooling. exercises and rest; one might find healing. Just saying. Debbie

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