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I believe I have the only cat who is afraid of the dark. Gracie wants in the cupboards but, after sticking her nose in, rushes back out....they are very dark. She is always in by sundown and stays tight to me all night. Any cubbyhole she goes into must have light shining into it - I tease her about wanting a flashlight. She does not appear to have poor eyesight just a fear of darkness. I have noticed this since I adopted her almost 2 years ago. Makes one wonder - especially since she is otherwise fearless. lol


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Cats each have their own personalities. They keep us on our toes! My cat Cleo is not afraid of the dark, but she does make herself scarce if there is anyone under 12 around! She is laying on my lap at the moment -- one of her favorite spots.


Enjoy Grace!.

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Perhaps she is truly domesticated from her parents heritage, we never know about animals and how they were treated doing their lives before we got them in our households! I think they are like humans and what they were taught by their parents from a baby and up in life!


Her time in adoption care and how she was treated there you just don't know what she had to deal with. Many people can mistreat their kids much less a domestic animal!

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My pets have always avoided children just as I do. Gracie is a rescue who was very definitely abused before being rescued....she has the scars to prove it. She wants to hunt in the dark spaces but, she is out quicker than you can say dark space. She is still wary of the couch - checking for the snake every time she passes it.

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My cats do not like small children either. I don't think they are afraid of the dark. I hear them sometimes late at night running around. Lucy, my orange tabby, likes to run in a closet if I open the door. She loves to hide inside it and has been known to stay there for hours because I didn't see her go in. She does this over and over, just never learns.



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Sally: your Gracie is quite the little character. A true personality. Like Julie's Lucy, Kira likes her quiet, warm spaces. We have had to have the AC on last couple of days and really much more this summer than in the last four years she has been with us.


It had to be 100 degrees in the upstairs, but that is where she hangs out and I finally figured out she must be cold. Domestic long hair - go figure. Debbie

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we have 2 cats.. rocky looks like a racoon and is a big scardy cat ( of dogs) - except our dog... and all dogs look at her and think racoon and she runs and the chase is on... glad she has her claws... cloudy has a very cloudy personality -- nice kitty one minute and the next she bites you and runs away.. comes back 2 mins later .. wierd cat.. her mood changes fast just like a cloudy day... last night she got locked out of the house - she has no claws so she went and hid in the pickup engine compartment.. took me most of the day to realize she was gone.. went and called for her and found her .. brought her in... i was worried a fox might have gotten her.. as a few weeks past a fox was eyeing her in the middle of the night ( she was locked out then to) but the dog alerted us and michel got up and seen the fox and let the cat in and the fox ran away... we live on the edge of town so coyotes and deer and fox are very normal as are pheasents and geese and ducks.. sometimes w have as many as 2 dozen deer 50 yards from us.. that drives the dog nuts... soon we will be moved still near the edge of town but the entire yard is fenced ... had to share my little animal (s) story - your cat and the snake story was so fun and scary to read.. nancyl

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