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Tough week



Well it's been a rough couple of weeks. Took Oliver to the neurologist for arm pain, thinking maybe he had carpal tunnel. The neurologist thought so as well. However, when he started doing the nerve conduction study...found that the nerves in his arm were not responding at all. So we had to go back on Labor Day (I knew it was serious when the neurologist had us to come back for more test when his office was closed). He did the nerve studies all over his body...none responded. So he was admitted to the hospital for a spinal tap testing to see if he had GBS. He was there almost a week for 4 days of IVIG treatments. Truthfully the neurologist never really said that he had GBS, but said he thought he would try the treatment even if the results came back negative because there wasn't anything else he could do. After lots of blood test...now there are saying that the results are suggested of multiple myeloma (a type of cancer of the blood and bone). He is having a bone marrow biopsy on Monday. I really don't know what to think of all this...we seriously just thought he had carpal tunnel. Has anyone had test that showed all nerves were not responding? The doctor said this was pretty serious as the major organs would be the next to be affected. Pretty worried!


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Oh Judy, I hope the doctors are wrong and this turns out to be something simple for Oliver's sake and for yours. It seems our loved ones go through so much, and we with them. I hope Monday's results are good and both of you do get the reassurance you need. Remember we are always here to act as a cheer squad.


(((hugs))) from Sue.

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Judy, I have been thinking of you as I have not seen you on the board. I'm sorry to hear of this latest issue with your Oliver. He has been through so much before this.


Maybe others will respond as I have no knowledge of the health problems you are speaking of.


My prayers are with Oliver to overcome this latest issue.






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Judy, you just have to take it one day, one test, at a time. You already know that Carpal Tunnel was a simple test and when Lauren did not respond, something else is up. Multiple Myeloma is manageable and you will get the best Oncologist, that I know. Wait for the bone marrow test. Plan to get take in dinner so you both can relax. Maybe ask a friend or family member to get dinner for you, if you have favors to call in. Lauren will need attention - pain meds and plenty of rest and hydration.


Then the wait and trust me, I know exactly what you are going through. Rest when you can, you probably won't really sleep. Exercise: walks and time out with some fresh air and a nice tea.


Do let us know. Message me if you need to. Breathe! Prayers always, Debbie

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