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My Personal Best



This morning I completed my second consecutive 10 mile running race. It was the Twin Cities 10 mile race. We had perfect conditions for running. Temperatures in the mid-40’s and clear. I finished the race on 1 hour and 13 minutes. I averaged 7:24 minute miles.


Compared to last year, I finished 11 minutes quicker! Next year, if I get my doctors approval, I plan to try to compete in the Twin Cities marathon. I know going form 10 miles to 26.2 is quite a jump. I also know that if I train for it there is nothing I can’t do


This year I ran on the Minnesota Stroke Association’s Act FAST run team. We had about 30 runners in the races this weekend. As a team, we raised almost $9,000. I know that this money will help my fellow survivors. Here is an article featuring me that was on the local news : http://www.myfoxtwincities.com/story/23606413/stroke-survivor-to-compete-in-tc-marathons-1st-awareness-team


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Dave i watched your news snipet.... wow... great job...... Dan also suffered his stroke as a result of a carotid artery dissection.. i watched you run and thought OHHH that could have been my Dan.. the roulette of Life -- i congratulate you on your wonderful success's !!! nancyl

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Dave, that is tremendous. You have put in the hard yards and deserve the accolades. It is great to see the FAST message getting out into the community too. Well done.

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