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2 poems from the dest of Foxnix





A Day Unfolds


In the morning our paths cross by chance, by noon all our lives secrets and thoughts reviled, our intentions both deep and solemn, we are akin. As night approaches we seem close and dear, sharing our bodies as but one, our passions run wild and deeper then a river wide. As the stroke of midnight approaches all seems so clear. Yet when the sun arises our paths do break, as nothing we shared seemed to take, two wayward souls in search of a match to make. For In the morning our lives awake, nothing in common but another of lives mistakes . As our paths cross in the morning and life






It surrounds us in it's ever growing


silent darkness. It calmly envelops us in


it's ever growing circle of pitch black


oblivion. We become that which in the


depths of our hearts we fear the most.


We cling to our memories as steadfastly as


we savor our last sweet breath of air


Not understanding this dark


oblivion is not unlike a caterpillar's


cocoon, as it opens to deliver us unto a


new light. Like the butterfly breaking


into flight, we soar into a new existance.


Free of fear, anger, pain and hostilality.


Ready to follow the path of lifes endless


universial cycles.




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