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I'm Engaged



blog-0008677001382671174.jpgI haven't blogged in a lot time. Since Feb 2012 I met an amazing women with 2 kids and a dog. Now we live together and got engaged last month. No plans yet but will start planning a date. Her kids love me and they are great. We camp now and got a house with a pool. Now Bud has a new best friend "Bishop". A 5 year old dog. I just wanted to let you know. A few here that know me on facebook knows about my life now.:)


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Bill, you have come such a long way from those first few blogs you posted.. I am privileged to be one of your Facebook friends so have watched your life and the changes you have made, there too. Congratulations, you have a lovely couple of kids and a fiancee who adores you. I wish you many, many years of happiness.

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hey Bill :


thats great news congratulations to lovebirds. I am so happy for you in price of 1 you got bud also great friend. please keep us updated on your wedding plans.



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Good for you my friend I know I couldn't have made it long as you have without a mate by my side. I too got the wife, the kids, and now a little dog for my grand child. That rounds out the family affair!


Her son got married last year but her daughter is still at home with her only child. I don't suspect she will be getting married anytime soon but she is working and taking care of her daughter who is 9 years old now.


When you get the mother the kids come too and the dog so happy times for you. When you BBQ now nothing will go to waste between Bud and Bishop. You know dogs love bones and like to hide them too! ALL THE BEST TO YOU!! I'm just over 15 years being married to my wonderful lady and very happy!!

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