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10 Years Post-Stroke



Today marks the 10th anniversary of Tootie's initial strokes (5 total). When I think of the times we almost lost her and EVERYTHING she has been through, it hurts my heart.

Shortly after the first 3 strokes, Tootie was diagnosed with Epilepsy. She had 2 brain surgeries last year in hopes of eliminating them but we were only seizure free for 43 days.

She has seizures every day and every day I question, when are they going to stop, I question if everything we are doing to improve her quality of life is only delaying the inevitable.

So when I feel discouraged, I think of the The hymn "His Eye Is on the Sparrow."

I have to remind myself that everything happens for a reason; that my God has a greater plan for His Tootie.

Happy 10th Year Anniversary Tootie; grandma loves you and needs to accept the fact that you are a borrowed angel :angel:


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Happy 10th Anniversary Tootie, I send my prayers and best wishes. I love that hymn too, and know that God looks over us all.


My Mom always tells me "everything happens for a reason", and sometimes we can not see that reasons, but God see things that hunmans can not.


God bless you both



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You been here awhile for Tootsie and any mother or any grandmother would have too because love is all you have for anyone who survives a stroke or several for that matter, the love is still there and when they hurt you do to!


A couple more months I'll have ten years as a survivor myself! Not all that time has been great but I plan to go as far and long as the Lord got for me to go in my recovery process!

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happy 10th Anniversary tootie & Elondie. I know as a parent it hurts to see our kids struggle in life since only God knows his reasons. our job is just to trust in God's goodness. we never know how our life has affected so many others in different way. you & Tootie are always in my prayers.



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Yvonne, thank you for your prayers and best wishes. That hymn is one of my favorites; another favorite is The Old Rugged Cross.


Nancy, thank you for your prayers.


Fred, I not only hurt for Tootie, my granddaughter; I hurt for Tootie's mother, my child. I love Tootie with all my heart and promised her, as long as I'm alive, I will continue to advocate for her and help improve her quality of life. I will never give up! Just think, in a couple of months, you and Tootie will both be double digit survivors :)


Asha, I do trust in God's goodness but admit, I do get discouraged. Thank you for keeping Tootie and me in your prayers; that means more than you'll ever know.

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