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Carol has been moved



The website for the place makes me want to move there; it's beautiful and has a chef.


She is now at Barrington Terrace Rehab Center

Room 115

1425 S Congress Ave.

Boynton Beach, Fla. 33426




I have not yet spoken to her...she was still being settled in. :goodjob: See Asha's entry below for direct to room phone number.


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Sally, thank you for keeping us updated. I am glad she has got to the rehab stage. It is hard to go back and do it all again so you being her cheerleader and others from here contacting her will make a lot of difference.

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Sally :


thanks for updating us. I called at the hospital & they told me she moved. Anyway I called her new place. she sounded very excited about new rehab place. her direct number in her room is

direct line to her room - 561-853-2864



you are great friend.



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Sally: great news on the move to Rehab. And glad Asha spoke with her and she is excited to be there. Thanks for letting us know. Debbie

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:) I finally got to speak to her last night and although tired from moving day, she sounded hopeful and had had wonderful meals. I think this was a change for the better and her depression and fears will fade as she progresses. I am less worried about her, now....she is good hands.
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Guest hostwill


Glad to hear things are going in her favor. and she is happy where they have her.



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