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I mentioned this once before...while I was trapped (a prisoner) in hospitals, a "friend" who was trying to keep me from being robbed - robbed me. After returning (dumping) some of my stuff he took, I am missing hundreds of dollars of stuff he didn't return. He did not rob me intentionally but, he did it none-the-less. The irony is that he was "protecting" me from thieves!


I checked one more time, to be sure, in order to decorate for the Yule season and not one piece of Christmas stuff is returned. I am also missing all of my gardening tools and bird stuff...not even a seed remains. Expensive tools from wheel barrow and ladders to smaller power tools are gone, gone, gone.


While I was battling the bureaucracy, I needed to be home fighting my "friends". Merry Christmas! :( Do Not Trust Friends.


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I know what you mean, with us it's a bracelet worth thousands. Hard to get over the betrayal, as much as the actual theft. I just ordered a cheap spy cam but that's like locking the barn door after the horse is gone. At least if it happens again, I'll have evidence I can take to court.

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I am truly sorry for what has happened to you. I have had stuff stolen from me by my on child so I know how it feels. I got some of the stuff back but one of the items was a gold bracelet that was very expensive and to this day she still refuses to admit she took it. I don't know what to think about people that do this sort of thing. My mom and dad had to move from the home they lived in for 40+ years due to my dad's bad health, their home that is empty has been broken into so much that they have even stripped the wiring out of the house! So sad! We all learn from our mistakes and it is sad to say that in the worst of times we find out who our "true" friends are!

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I am sorrry Sally, money, the love of money is evil. In England, London, home prices are very high, so when Parents die, brothers and sisters, are cheating and lying, so sad. My Husband says I am to trusting! I still believe in the good of man kind. Sally, he was not a true friend.



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