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Thinking outside of the box



Other people mean well but, cannot really be counted on. A friend sent me a live, decorated Xmas tree....too big for my small home (and live plants don't do well in vehicles). It had to be planted but, I have no tools to use.


I asked my retired landlord to help me. He showed up without a shovel, said he would be back later, it started raining, and I have not seen him since (3 days).


I had to shop yesterday and garden tools are out of season so, I bought a basting spoon. This morning I planted the poor little tree (undecorated) using the basting spoon for a shovel. It worked and the tree will live. Success! :)


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Well done Sally! That is really thinking out of the box.Your landlord sounds like mine. He has good intentions but the flesh is weak!



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