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let it snow let it snow



just in time for Christmas well it has become a winter wonderland in Canada yes just in time for Christmas it seemed that it will be a white Christmas it didn't snow lots but it did snow and I love having a white Christmas I am hoping that all will have a very very merry Christmas and a very prosperous new year all the best to you may you have good health and happiness and lots of recovery for the new year


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Well Lenny I'll be happy with more recovery and a Merry Christmas! I been poor all my 72 years so I don't expect I will hit a big Mega Millions or any Lottery!!

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Lenny :


wow thats nice our snow on ground will be melted by Christmas day, but we got to enjoy before that which was good & holidays spending with family brings so much time during holidays. So wishing you Merry christmas & Happy, healthy & Prosperous New year



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Lenny, enjoy your White Christmas, here in Florida it will be 87! Have a wonderful time with your family, and may the New Year bring you peace, and good health!



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