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Wild Kingdom



Surprising news.... I have nothing to really blog about.

But since I've stroked, I have come to realize the value in the simple things in life. I take time to actually smell the flowers, not just look anymore. So I thought I'd share the excitement and wonder when we humans get real close to wild animals.

Since I've moved into my apartment; at the end of the lawn down near the woods a couple of foxes took up residence. As their proximity to Petey and Stockings the cat has caused much stress. Stockings likes to roam at night, which of course I have curtailed as I didn't want him to become fox snack. So we have existed nearby one another, keeping our healthy distances. The foxes had three babies and they have one half grown son who is very brazen and always comes close when Petey is out. I've had to chase him away a few times. The three babies are always out on the lawn tumbling and wrestling around. They are oblivious to us watching them. They are playing with the complete abandon of youth. I have watched them grow for the last month. Of course everyone who comes and glimpses them, tells me I should contact the Dept. of animal control to trap them and remove them. I haven't done that. I don't believe in removing wild animals from their home just because I happen to live here. We can co-exist together. Then the other neat thing that happened this morning is a huge Doe came walking down the length of the yard, Petey was sitting on the other chair and he was ridgid barely moving, watching the deer walk towards us. The deer came up to less then 20 feet from Petey and I, so close I could see her nostrils quivering, she kept snorting and getting a scared wild eyed look, I think she smelled us, but didn't notice us. It was cool her being that close, then in a few leaps she was gone. Then Petey jumped down and ran after her barking. Now nature has never really been my thing, but that experience was a rare one and I'm glad I had it.

I'm not done yet, one more story to tell........

Last night the storm blew over my shephards hook that had a hanging planter on it and a bird feeder, course all my bird feed is on the ground. Barreling down the sidewalk towards me is a chipmunk. He took a few runs pretty close before he turned and ran away. He kept standing on his baack feet, finally cut over the grass and jumped and landed in the pile of birdseed. Birdseed was flying everywhere, but he dove right in and started happily eating the seed. Then he'd run off and come back and eat somemore.

So hope you found my blog worth reading. My life is reduced to finding excitement in nature or going to the laundramat.



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Guest lwisman


That is really cool Pam. I grew up in the rural where there was lot of wildlife. Now I live in the suburbs, where there is not as much. A neighbor did tell me that he saw a coyote walk betwween my house and the house next door the other day. We do have stray cats, racoons (who tear apart a lot of garbage, but not ours thanks to used kitty litter), chipmunks, rabbits, squirrels, skunks, and geese. No deer though. I live about 1/2 mile from the forest preserve. There are deer there. You have to be careful driving through at night.

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You are lucky to have the wildlife to watch so close to an apartment. The doesn't happen in the bigger cities. I'd love watching your critters. Chipmonks and deer are favorites of mind.



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Thanks people. I'm a city girl planning to move to a rural area - really rural. My neighbors will be wooded lots. I like the fact that I won't have humans on top of me, but I don't know about critters. They are cute to look at but "at a distence, please" No one mentioned snakes. Will have them too. Where did I ever get the idea to become a farm gal?

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