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Merry Christmas and to all a Good Night!



We are ragged from our efforts to clean and go out with son & fiance. It was a great week and tonight was the last, as they go home early tomorrow morning. We are prepared to fall on our faces and do nothing - ahhhh!


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Great that you had a good time, good for the soul. For the first time my daughter, the grandkids, and my son, went out to a party of my friend and a good time was had by all!,


Have a great New Years!



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Sandy: feeling your exhaustion. I loved the week, but really enjoyed some quiet time this afternoon and Bruce needed a nice long nap. Happy New Year. Debbie

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Sandy: loved your comment about the elf and the hawk. This morning, when Bruce wheeled out to do the dishes, he found the elf looking out the kitchen window. He didn't understand, I was hysterical. Thank you for that. Made my day.


Just the walkway where Bob trimmed the hedges must be a perfect place to sit with a cup of tea and watch your yard and the activity. And that might not even be the best spot, but it sure is beautiful. Debbie

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Sandy: I agree. Perfect. I love the porch. Couple feeders up for the winter. You two aren't going anywhere! Thank you for sharing. Debbie

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