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oh boy got a birthday gift, and its a cruise!!!!december30



oh boy I can hadly waiitbecause on june,28th my wife booked a cruise for a cruise all the way to Alaska, so it should be warm when we go believe it ir not I have never been to Alaska we are going leaving on june,18th we are leaving on vancouvercanada going by Holland America and we are going to take a trip to jeaneau, and to ketchacan and one more city but I cant think of the name so shipa ahoy it was revealed to me by my wife I got 50 questions to guess where I was going and it had to be a a question that can be either a yes or no I didn't guess but she could see that I was struggling with the clue and put me out of the misery bt telling me the answer well if I have room to post the shots I will definetly post it


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Lenny that is great news, something to really look forward to. You are so lucky!! The cruise sounds brilliant and a great way to see a good slice of Alaska. Yes, we would love you to post pictures after your cruise, that would be great!

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Lenny, that is wonderful news. We sailed out of Vancouver when we went on our cruise to Alaska. We also enjoyed taking in your beautiful city for a couple days. You will have a great time. Post the pics for sure.



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Great news Lenny. A cruise is on my" bucket list". Have you started to pack yet? I heard that Alaska, is a wonderful place. Take lots of photo's.



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Lenny, a great cruise awaits you when the weather is favorable so hope it is an enjoyable cruise for you and wife. The waters in that area can get awful icy at times. I been there a time or two by plane and by car over that rocky road back to Seattle.


I never was stationed there but had to visit often when I was in the Army in San Francisco early 1970's!

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Lenny :


we have taken similar cruise though our third port was victoria, it was great vacation. you will enjoy it. have a great trip. you are so lucky married great woman.



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