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Bob Figures out how to get his sweater on!



Bob has some cognitive issues. The neighbor came home with one hand working and immediately started trying to figure out how to peel a potato with one hand. Not so for Bob, he doesn't think things thru and figure out ways to do things with one hand... usually. Imagine when I go into his room to check on him, and see him with this 'cat who ate the canary' look of satisfaction. It only took a second to see he had gotten on his sweater he'd found while rummaging thru clothes in there. This is something he never thinks to try to do, but you can see how proud he is:




I asked him how in the world he managed to get it on, and he said(aphasia talk) that he put both arms in and put it over his head. I was extremely surprised that he was able to think this thru. He did have a little problem, with not being able to complete the job in back, but was happy to have warm arms and do it himself :)




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There is a lot to be thankful for if your man will just try something new from time to time. Ray figured quite a bit out without help and every new thing was one more thing I didn't have to do. Way to go Bob.

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Sandy :


thats such a great news. I did not have cognative deficits, but I thrived on encouragement I got after I accomplished something in rehab & at home. though unfortunately my hubby is man of few words, but I took hint from Sue's blogs that if I can do something at home than its one less thing for hubby to do it. so that gave me drive & push to do more for our family.



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I put mine on that way and catch the neck in back to start pulling it off over my head then my arms out. Works for me!


I can;t get out the chair he is sitting in by myself my knees won;t let me get up. I use a belt round the bed post to pull up with.

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satisfaction comes I think not from having things done, but from doing things ourselves.


good for bob and both of you!



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Rock on Bob! Yes, he is quite proud of himself. And I agree, Sandy, when you stop and realize all the steps it took for him to do it, amazing!

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WAY TO GO BOB!!!!!!! I know he was feeling so good after that! You should have seen the look on Mikes face when he realized he could strike a lighter with his left hand! Such small steps forward but they are "steps forward"! God is good! :)

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