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Finally a Direction !



After 3 years of sitting on my butt feeling lost, I finally have a direction so I can move on with my life. I feel my depression will be a thing of the past since I have found my purpose in my life again. Before my stroke, my dream was to be a paramedic; seeing as that is not attainable anymore, I've decided that I can still help others in another way by becoming a 911 Dispatcher. So that is the goal, I've taken some small steps to ensure my success in the coming years. I've made a step-by-step plan that I have put into action recently. It's going to take some time and money, but I'm going for it. My only worry is that my families troubles, and problems may have an impact on my success because I am dependant on them.


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We have a friend who is a 911 dispatcher, he is in a wheelchair due to a motorcycle accident and it is a perfect job for him. So glad you thought it through and came to such a great decision! Around here it is a police dept job with great benefits, and a smart choice.

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Not sure what your disabilities are and how dependent you are on your family but if you think it is something you can do and would enjoy, I say go for it! I wish you lots of success! Let us know how it goes!

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