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Decided to follow MD orders



Yesterday I went to my doctor because of pain in my hips and increased anxiety and depression. I went back to work 2 1/2 weeks after my stroke in January 2014 because being a nurse, I thought I was "superwoman." Well, it finally hit me that I am not her! I have tried so hard to do my work but my body has been telling me to slow it down and I just haven't been listening. You guys have told me to take it slow but I just kept going thinking I was my pre-stroke self. I lost it yesterday. The depression, the anxiety, the guilt and everything came out all at once. I couldn't handle it anymore. My dr said I had to stop work and that it would be months at least before my brain was re-organized and my body would be better. She said it was a good idea to go ahead and apply for disability, which I have. I also called my boss and did the paperwork for disability with the State because that's who I've worked for since 2007. So now, I am waiting to hear from Social Security. The State gives you short term disability for 1 year and then re-evaluate you for long term after 1 year. So I'm doing what the dr has said do and resting my brain and taking care of myself. My husband is so supportive. I do feel guilty not having an income right now, but i have to think about me and my body. It will all work out the way it should. I go see my Psychiatrist next week for my anxiety and depression. Please everyone keep me in your thoughts and prayers about this disability thing. If it's in his plan, it will work out. Thanks for listening to me. Any advice is appreciated.


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also since it appears this is a govt job - or state job - is it possible you can take early disability retirement -- pay attention here.. this is important... find out... good luck - i had a govt job and if ( I) would have been the stroke victim i would have been able to recieve early retirement ( disability- retirement) in addition to social sec.- sox. sec.--- the biggest benefit, is probably the insurance ( health) you would continue to be entitlled to ... believe me if you cobra out and got to go to obama care policies - it will not be fun - .... good luck !!

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It's only human to fight losing your old life; here's wishing you an easy adjustment to a new one,which could even be better in some ways. Hard to believe, but you'll see what I mean. Look at it as a second chance.

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Stroke is a huge adjustment from you old life! and is really good that you have a supportive husband Hang in there, is does come right, All good things take time, Patience wasn't one of my virtues at the start, but am slowly learning! gayle

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The benefit of being a Nurse is that there are so many areas you can work in. And no one can take that away from you. So just tuck that info away for the future.


It is imperative that you take this time to recover. You also know, as a nurse, that it can take up to six months for that brain swelling to resolve. In the meantime, so many areas of your brain will be dealing with change, recovery and rerouting. You need to take advantage of your insurance and what is paid for as far as therapies. Obviously, Outpatient and do consider Speech-maybe not for speech itself, but for the cognitive exercises.


You need good nutrition, a good exercise program, lots of sleep, naps and rests. Do some small chores around the house: clean out drawers and closets. Sometimes the emotional response to the stroke is greater than the physical affects. Good news on continuing with the Psychiatrist and getting that anxiety and depression looked after.


You start out with the short term disability, get your Neuro check up in June or July and re-evaluate from there. A good start on recovery and wonderful you have such a supportive husband. Check in as you need to and please do let us know how things are going. Debbie

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Pok :


going on disability feels like admitting defeat to stroke, but think of it as you are retreating to reload your guns. & going to make best out of this second chance given to you by God since your job here on earth is not done yet. I know change is difficult but view it as different not good or bad just different. Don't rush into work & then risk chance of burning out or getting laid off. So I will advise you to start slow at work & if you think you can do it then you can increase your hours. Debbie gave you great advice follow it.



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I hope the fact that you went back to work doesn't interfere with you getting disability. Sometimes it's hard to make them believe you can't do something, you are doing. Please keep us posted and I hope it comes out alright. I do remember you couldn't draw soc sec dis for 6 months, because you don't know yet if things will be cleared up in 6 months. My neighbor had a stroke and all along kept saying he was going back to work 'next month'. Finally, about the 7 month I told him (again) to apply , and said if you are all better and go back to work you don't HAVE to take it. The thing is, you can't get it for back time, so if you just lose that income in months you were eligible but hadn't applied yet. Once you get it, they pay you from the date you applied.


There is also some program where you can (later on) try to work a little and draw benefits a little, to see how you hold up.

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Hi all...sorry I haven't been on for a while. I had my second stroke (TIA) this time on 07/15/14. 6 months and 2 days from the first. My doctor had put me on Aggrenox to thin the blood and felt that it should help prevent anothr but within one month, i had the 2nd stroke. So now I'm on Plavix which is a stronger blood thinner and praying that this will work. No word yet from Social Security but attorneys say I will hear by end of August. Until then, I am getting my short term disability from the state. I'm relearning that I am the new me...Hubby is retiring in August and we are going to retire and fish! I am Blessed and know that I have to take it slow and enjoy every minute that I have on earth. Thanks for all support!

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