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High Hopes Your Weather Is Good Where You Are!



This time of the year the weather is changing almost daily, One day the sun is shining the next day no sun and you need a jacket. That is the kind of weather when you catch colds and runny nose or sneezing all the time. Either way it is a bit better than snow on the ground when you have to get out and shovel it to move the car or clear the walkway and steps.


We have been lucky so far with no rain until tomorrow it's predicted to fall. The temps have been up and down daily so I stay home most days. This whole year has been crazy weather days and nights too! The grass is still brown so no rain is falling. We are not In control of the weather so it comes as God wants it to fall. I used to think I could do a rain dance and it would rain but with a stroke it doesn't work anymore!


We have to survive with whatever weather we get and it seems like the East Coast states are getting the most snow and bad weather for a while now. It does make getting out and going places a problem for many of us survivors and caregivers alike. Since Hurricane Sandy hit the weather has blasted the East coast.


I use a scooter too and drive to where I'm going so if it's raining I have to sit in the car until it stops to get my scooter out or I get soaking wet slow as I am! All survivors are trying to recover as best they can so hot, cold or rain don't matter to us. Normally when it rain a lot in Texas the Ants start to look for higher ground to build their nests. I think every yard has ants in my neighborhood. Cattle grazed on this land prior to it being developed into a housing complex!


So we don't like having to stay indoors but at times we have no choice because of the weather! Basketball is winding down while baseball is starting up for the season. Then we know Federal Tax Time is right around the corner!! For many of us that means getting a refund back and money to spend while myself and many others will have to pay up! Oh well that's living in America paying taxes..


I now see why some tax payers want to add or claim a pet on their tax return because of the money they spend for their health and yearly up keep. But you can't assign them a social security number legally without being caught at some point and having to pay a big fine for lying!!! I have paid out over a thousand dollars this period for my little dog's health insurance and meds!!! That doesn't include her food we bought!!


I don't even know why I keep a record???


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oh yes fred thank you so munch and yes the weather is wonderful uphere in vancouver,canada nice and sunny and very warm fred

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Three days later now we got sunny weather again! It could change tomorrow and be cold once again. Maybe summer like weather will arrive pretty soon.


I just hope summertime arrives on time!!!

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Hi Fred, the weather is the same in Florida , sunny, then cold, but no rain. today the sun is out, but it is chilly. I know we are blessed no snow, I feel for the people who are fighting the snow and the cold weather.



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