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Never going to Home Depot again!



Well, at least for the next few weeks, when I have to go to get the fertilizer and insect control for the yard - but I know where that stuff is-LOL.


Our friend Carl offered to come for a few hours to help with some of the house stuff on my list. Thing is, I had to have supplies for him to do that. I made a list. The new furnace has different filters than the old. Installers walked me through the entire furnace and told me what I needed. They also wanted the filters replaced at 3 months. The new furnace would be kicking up stuff that was left in the ducts for years. I do know Erma noticed it in the house and worked like crazy to keep the surfaces clean. I wanted Carl to just supervise me doing this.


The day of the bridal shower I was so looking forward to, the washing machine went down. Sears was able to get a repairman out same day, which was great. But of course I missed the shower. For about $40.00 more, Sears offered cleaning and checking the dryer. All that service is guaranteed for 90 days and my appliances are old, so worth the price. This repairman had me take out the dryer lint trap and soak it in liquid dish detergent and hot water, then brush it with a soft brush. It got all the little particles off the mesh. Then he advised to change the dryer vent hose.


So those are examples of what I am looking for. Needed another fire box, surge protected electrical strip, small multi-electrical outlet, foil tape, clamp things, etc. Problem is I have no idea what any of this is called or where it is. Bruce loved the outing but was of no help. Finally a Home Depot sales rep - young kid - said "let me see that list and just follow me." LOL.


Carl came Monday and Tuesday evenings. We got so much done. I learned a ton. Also cleaning up small sections of the cellar and garage, so I can organize a bit better. I know Bruce wanted so much to be with us and for that I feel so badly. But now so many things will run more efficiently and hopefully last a bit longer.


In the meantime, Bruce is really trying to improve his independence and find something, other than the TV, that grabs him. As with all things stroke, this has been a slow go. Some days great, some not. Constant reminders. Tonight, for instance, we had Chinese take-out for dinner. A rare treat. I am cleaning up and Bruce is waiting for dessert, but looking at his good hand, wiping it on the napkin. I finally had to say "honey, why don't you go wash your hand and set up for your dessert." These are the things I just don't understand. And he looks at me like I just invented ice cream. But I do believe that he has to retrain his brain and problem solve on his own. Maybe all of this is my fault, somehow. But we are working on it now.


Today I left the credit card bill for him to reconcile. This is not an easy job - I put everything on that card. It takes him a good couple of hours, but I get home and he has circled the Sears charge - no corresponding paperwork. I had put that in the warranty file. Again, just so confusing and frustrating. But we take one day at a time.


Tomorrow is the first day of Spring and apparently she is making a one day appearance - LOL - at least here in New England. Snow storm due mid-next week. So hopefully we will get out in the afternoon. Both of us do need a down day. Been a very busy week and next to be about the same. Debbie


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Yes, Bruce deserves a lot of credit for what he does accomplish. As for as the constant reminders, I do it every day. For instance, Larry has no problem brushing his teeth after breakfast. He has to start shaving after that. I still come in the bathroom many, many times and he is just sitting there. I don't get it? Larry and I both go over the bank statement and checkbook. It's good Bruce can do this alone.



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Debbie you know all the household appliances need proper maintenance and I do that pretty good with one good hand but the dishwasher and the garbage disposal gives me the most trouble more often than any other thing in the house.

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