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Stroke Net Contest!!!



So maybe an extended blog or maybe not. i want to have a StrokeNet challenge. I want another tattoo. I have several ideas. Anything ranging from a tree of souls with blackbirds to the Sun and Moon to a Skull with wings. I was also thinking of a compass with roses or a spartan helmet with skull and a shield with a survivor ribbon. Some of my ideas. of course it would probably be the entire arm including my original tattoo. I seem my dads arms at his age and I might as well cover mine with some ink. My one and only tattoo was in 2010! So it has been awhile, I have allot of ideas just need some help? : ) So a contest. that seems doable, Now....... any suggestions! Oh..... include pics!


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i do not have a picture --- but what about some cool lightning bolt - and a shield representing stroke ?? another idea i seen but again no pic - is accurate to me the way i feel dan must feel -- it was a eye with the reflection of a person trapped inside … those are my ideas -- colleen posted a really neat site for kinda a very creative 3D type of tattooing - coleen if you read it you should hook terry up with the link...

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Wish I had some ideas but tattoos have never been in my thoughts of having them myself. The active duty soldiers got to remove those that shows on necks, face, hands and arms or legs when they are in military uniforms. For some I've seen that's a lot of money for removal.


But you travel around a lot so I bet you will see some you like soon that you can get a snap shot on your cell phone and if I see one I think you would like I'll do that and post it on your blog here!!!!

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I was thinking about a tree half dead have alive.. Also the lightning bolt. Like a zeus then the lightning bolt. I was also thinking of the sun and moon as it seems like that sometimes. Skull with wings. I like the spartan shield with the surrivor ribbon. Hmm just very difficult.

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nancy, that is what I popped on here to do. Very cutting edge.


Oy, I have no idea why I can't link it any which way. I will return to try again in awhile though, meanwhile you can find it under "3D is the next wave in tattoo design" by googling.

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Hmmmmm, I'll have to think on this one. It took me almost a month to come up with my memorial tattoo for my arm. Not something you want to jump into lightly so let me think about it. Do you want color or black and grey?

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