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Update on Ray's arm, and more!



Couldn't update yesterday because we had a never ending medically oriented day. Started with me going out to get my blood work done at the break of dawn; I've been putting if off for weeks, since Ray broke his arm. I was afraid to leave him home alone, but also not willing to wait til he decides to get up around 10 or 11. I hate going later on because you have to wait so long at the hospital, plus you can't eat or drink until after. I do enjoy my first AM cup of coffee! Ray also has bloodwork due in the next week or two, and he will also get it done whenever he gets up, that's a whole different story. It's worth two separate trips.


So when he finally gets up yesterday, it's almost time for his second orthopeadic appointment for his broken arm, and I'm really nervous about his fall with the aide and if his break had been compromised. Not to mention the oozing, bleeding hematoma, which started again when he got up. Meanwhile my foot, which had been hurting a bit the day before, after Ray stepped on it or rolled the wheelchair on it (can't remember, happens all the time) was hurting more and more. By the time we got to the doctor, it was also turning red and swollen and I could barely walk. I'm like, oh no, we can't both have broken our first bones at the same time! So after the doctor does a bunch of Xrays on Ray, he says the break hasn't shifted and Ray's bone is almost healed, he doesn't even need the sling now, I ask him to tell me what he thinks of my foot (yeah I know, I have chutzpah!). First he says, a break is very uncommon on the top of the foot, but then when he squeezes it, it hurts really really bad, so he offers to do some xrays on me too, right there and then.


I am ecstatic at my good luck, I won't have to wait in the ER and I have a bone expert to check it out. Then the bad news, they don't take my particular affordable care insurance but the receptionist says they can work around it. Just call my new primary office and ask them to email a referral. What great service, right? Then to both our surprise, my new office refuses, says I have to come there instead. I was fuming and said, forget it, I'll go to ER.


By the time I get home I calmed down and called back and they said they could see me at 5:30. So off we go again, They Xray it there and say it's not broken, and the doctor (third different one in three visits, it's sort of a walk in place) says she thinks it's an infected bug bite. Keeps asking if I was at the beach, which I was but not on the sand, but she sticks with her diagnosis. By now my foot is KILLING me, I can hardly walk. I was getting scared at how fast the swelling was progressing. So she sends in scrip for antibiotics (again! second time in two months, last time for ticks, what is it with me and bugs) and also some ointment, and I started both as soon as I got home. Oh and ice with my foot elevated (all you caregivers know that there was no complying 100% with that one). I was using Ray's cane to get up and get him whatever he needed, it hurt that much to walk. Me, being a full blown hypochondriac, was asking Ray what we'd do if I had one of those weird things where they'd have to suddenly amputate my foot to save my life. Yeah I was scared.


Anyway I woke up this morning with it much improved, although not fully gone. But I think I can face the day, get the lawn mowed, do a little food shopping and all that good stuff. Glad yesterday is over right now! On to bigger and better things.


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Both you and Ray got to be a bit more careful around the house... I think that chair for the stairs was the best thing I could have gotten even better that two rails trying to hold on with one hand up or down that many steps!!!


We just have to think about what we are doing before we do it when it comes to stairs!! Careful, careful is the word!!!

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I know Fred, once things calm down a little more I'm going to request an in-home PT to evaluate Ray and see how much is fear and how much is his losing strength. Right now, he's still staying downstairs and I'm getting some GOOD sleep for a change ;-)

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Well it is always fun at your house! please that your foot was not broken, and when i got bitten by a bug that is how my foot hurt and just swelled. I ended up in hosptial, they were scared I haded another stroke!. We just have to be so careful, make sure you finish the meds! Both of you take it easy



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Thanks all for your sympathy, it hardly hurts anymore but I KNOW to take all the antibiotics regardless. Or at least five or six days worth, which is what Ray got for his hematoma yesterday,and what he got for his bronchitis a couple of weeks ago. Me, it's always 10 or 12 days, I have to eat lots of yogurt to make sure it doesn't kill me (in a different way!)

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I'm glad Ray is healing and does not need the sling. I hope he gets his confidence back. The PT would be a good idea.


Also, good you are recovering from your foot problem.


My doctor okays drinking black coffee before I get my blood drawn. Also, I keep forgetting to drink water before. This helps the techs to find the veins to draw the blood. They have a hard time getting the blood out of me!



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Luckily my veins are very easy to find, the techicians always praise me....but thanks for the advice on black coffee, I bet if I asked they'd say it was OK. I drink my coffee pretty much black anyway!

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Colleen: first off, great news on Ray! and I was hoping it was that hematoma draining. I know you do not like blood, but really best for Ray.


OUCH. Some people just have a natural smell that attracts insects. I did as a child - allergic to bees and spiders, so that was fun. After Chemo apparently that cured it-LOL. But it is genetic and with you being outside so much, you have to cover up. I know it is hard, in the heat and we all love to get a bit of sun. Natural fabrics - which you love anyway - long pants and sleeves and repellant on the neck. Also neutral colors. Pants in the sox. Find some pretty linen pants - sand colored and a matching linen long sleeved blouse - sand or white and just make them your yard work outfit. You will look very cute and be protected.


Glad the foot is feeling better and your first harvest was wonderful. Know you will be inside for a bit now putting up your stores, so that makes me feel better.


Losing the sling is probably the best news. They can cause more harm than good and are so difficult to transfer around.


Go easy honey. Try to ice as best you can, even if you have to wear the ice bag over your shoe. Debbie

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Dan to was a natural bug attractant --- he was very healthy … me not so much the bugs don't like me to much, Dan now - they no longer like , i think the meds have a lot to do with it…

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OMG Debbie, the last thing I'm thinking of anymore is how I Iook, but thanks for the laugh. Actually you gave me a good moment of insight. I tend to dress like a guy, of course while working out, and more than anything when I'm doing yardwork; my neighbors aren't that exciting either way. You should see me, I have old boots with XL dog tick collars around each, gloves, hat, windbreaker tucked into my pants...but I guess an April dose of tick cure will be on my yearly calender even if I wore a space suit!


Anyway, night time now and my foot feels normal, what more can you ask? Guess I dodged the bullet once again.


And Nancy, I wonder if there is a blood test for something like that.....

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to be honest - i really think it is as simple as your hemoglobin -- odd i know - i have always been somewhat borderline anemic - nearly breaking the 12 for the norm of woman -- dan always ran around a 13 to 14 or so ( i think) -- i am thinking your hemoglobin ( which is basically the "health of your blood " ) is on the higher side making you smell so darn good to the bugs… my theory -- lol


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I'm glad to hear Ray's arm is on the mend. Oh dear, and yes, the fear we all live with: "I can't go down! I don't have the luxury of going down OR falling dead!" Yep, we all know why. I've had some of those fears in the last few months myself, and can say that fearing falling dead was not as big a fear as what would happen to Bob, if I did! So, I'm very relieved for you to hear that your foot is on the mend afterall, and amputation will not be necessary, at least right now!

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Right with you Sandy, and thanks for the laugh. The foot is still attached, although I skipped my gym classes this weekend just in case. Any excuse!

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