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July Arrives Tomorrow!! Time To



Well for starters I have a one pm appointment with the arthritis doctor to see about my knees and whether a replacement at my age is the thing to do NOW!! I have told myself for many years now that I never wanted to get my knees done I'll just go without that added pain!! Then if they work or not for me? I saw so many people, both men and women, when I was in the hospital as a stroke survivor,,, They were complaining both day and night for having it done so I decided then I would never have that done since one side of me is paralyzed anyway!!


Speaking of age, I turn 73, on the 22nd of this month and my wife turns 62 a week or two ahead of me.. Guess I robbed the cradle in this marriage but it has been, and is no doubt, the best time of my entire life bar none!!! This marriage is the longest one of four which as of June 9th was 16 years of total happiness. I just wish my mom could have met her and to think this wife came to me, I think she was God sent to me and I thank Him daily!!


She was the one to come home from a dental apt. to find me passed out on the floor still bleeding in the brain from the stroke!! With that I feel she was meant for me!! Perhaps I'm doing what I do all because of her pushing me to do more and get better daily so I thank her for being my wife!! I'm so happy with her and she feels the same way... The big success is we both been in church for 16 years too while she sings in the choir and is a member of our praise dance team along with the Pastor's wife and other faithful members!! She still found time to come visit me in the hospital every night for the five months I was there before coming home in a wheelchair unable to walk!!


I give all my success in my recovery to her caring for me like she does! Well that's life in the slow lane I just got to learn to walk without a cane then I can get off my scooter too!!!!! My key is: Don't Ever Give Up Or Stop Trying To Do More!!


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Fred :


I love your blogs & love how thankful you are to have this fourth wife by your side. you both are meant to be together, just took little longer to find each other till then you were learning lessons lol. I feel same way about my husband & our marriage. my stroke made us closer than any other life lessons I would have got in life.



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Hi Fred, what a lovely blog. I am so please that your marriage brings you so much joy. That is wonderful, and it is great when you have some one that you can find so much enjoyment with. I have been married for 21years, and we love it when the grandkids have gone home, and it just the two of us, watching the TV, and talking about our day. After my stroke, and going in and out of hospital, I told him that he could leave, and I go back to England, he looked at me and said "what did the marriage vows say?" . The stroke was a blessing that it brought home to us both that marriage is not always glitter and gold!


keep on thinking postive Fred, give my love to your wonderful wife



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