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rehab unit - a new world




life on 2-center was a whole new experience - it started off with meeting my "team" - each patient on the unit is assigned a primary team, a dr, supervising nurse, case worker, social worker, psych, pt, ot, speech t, rec t, etc - these were just your primaries, you'd likely see others in each category during your stay;but these were the ones that did your initial testing and treatment plan, went to the weekly and/or emergency mtgs to discuss your case,treatment,progress,release, etc - so there i am, after 5 min on the new floor, not even in bed yet, and about 10-15 "officials all cram into the room and start throwing questions at me and telling me that they'll all going to be by individually during the day to do more quizzing/testing, then they'd have the initial meeting on my treatment plan, prognosis, estimated discharge date, etc - it was a dizzying day for me in all respects;but was a real forward moving feeling as well - the dr (mine, her intern, and a couple others) did the whole, move this, squeeze that, resist this thing followed by a "id give her a 2 on that""maybe 3""only 1 on that" etc. discussion, which made no sense to me...but dr. duong also told them that i was the most determined to be there patient shed ever seen, and that shed never had more pt's,ot's and dr's calling her on a patient's behalf before, so that felt good - the case worker pinned a list of names and phone numbers for my team on my bulletin board and then most of the team left, talk about feeling overwhelmed - my pt (franklin) and ot(vinh) stayed behind and did more quizzing, etc, when they left there were two more papers pinned on my board (did i mention how these people loved the bulletin board ?) one with big letters saying they were to use a bent-knee pivot transfer with a minimum of 3 people helping me - not that i had any idea what that meant since id only ever transferred using a sliding board before - and a schedule saying that pt/ot would get me up (to them up meant in the chair, not awake) each day, that nursing/aids were to help me back down;but not till id been up at least 3 hours, nursing/aids got to do both in the afternoon, next the speech t stopped by, first doing a swallow test, now why if they feel i need to be on salt free diet do they test my swallowing ability by making me swallow saltines ? (i asked them;but just got nervous laughter as a response), a "can eat regular diet unsupervised" note got added to my growing bulletin board collection... she (monica) gave me the "speech t's also handle swallowing,memory,cognition,etc problems, so you'll still be scheduled some to make sure you can handle all that, even though your actual speech seems fine", next the psych (jody) stopped by, i think she was concerned that i was too cheerful after her barrage of questions, so i told her that i had ptsd, just so shed feel useful.... my roommate seemed more annoyed that i was there than anything else;but since id overheard that she was going home in 3 days, i figured id just keep a low profile in that regard - later in the afternoon, after my team meeting, i got told that they had serious doubts id be able to live alone at discharge, if ever;but just in case, they were going to plan on keeping me for 6 weeks instead of the customary 2-3, so basically "we think you're hopeless;but we're not giving up on you" i could deal with that.... more things got put on my board that afternoon, rec t notices about art night,cooking night and "furry friends", etc and a schedule for the next day, not yet filled in, however - a friend stopped by that night and set my laptop up for me, so i was all set, fell asleep early and discovered the most pleasant thing about rehab..... the night shift nurses don't wake you for vitals, imagine that, they actually want healing people to sleep, i knew there was a reason id wanted to be there smile.gif was all ready for the start of the next day and the real work to begin - the start of both the regular and irregular days to come.... and boy, was there a lot of irregular, lol


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