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transfer escapades.....




things proceeded, in ot i started dressing myself completely - bypassing socks and underwear that were too hard to get on.... they didn't approve of my transfer method - i never got why one of them kept saying "take tiny steps as you turn" if i could take steps i wouldn't need the chair!!! - i finally got them to agree that my rotate and plop method, while not elegant, worked for me and they altered my "orders" at first to only needing 2 people there when i transferred, and then just 1 to hold the chair while i did it myself.... i did have problems with the nurses who helped me, they seemed to assume id fall every time i moved and they'd lunge as if to catch me. of course with my ptsd background, when they'd do that id instinctively pull back, throwing my balance off and making it way more likely that id fall than if they'd just let me be... i was always "yelling" at them when id get back into bed, too, for one thing, the brakes on my bed seemed to always be popping off, so it was always an adventure... but my main complaint was when id go from sitting on the edge of the bed to laying down - they'd automatically grab both legs and pick them up for me, id snap "just the left one, i can do the right myself" - it was like a badge of honor the day i managed to get both legs up myself, another step toward independence.....


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