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Update on our lives



Spring is half here as we have temps in the 70's and up to 80 today. However, yesterday we had a hail storm and flash flooding in some areas. Our patio was covered with small hail yesterday morning but not the big golf ball size. We are due for another storm later today and severe weather tomorrow, which may include that dirty word "tornado" coming back. We have had some nice warm weather so far as I was able to get Larry out on the patio. I can't wait to get out to the Botanical Gardens, a park or the zoo.


Larry is tolerating his feeding tube very well. He has gone to a high fiber formula and he is digesting it and having no issues with diahrrea or loose stools. That is big. The main problem I had with the feeding tube is the docs do not know certain meds are not to be put in the feeding tubes. No enteric coated ones or no time released capsules should be put in. I had to change meds several times as these doctors just do not "get it". He is having trouble sleeping and I have put him on a sleeping med which works most of the time. The problem is his sleep apnea and snoring. That is something we struggled with before. Please do not tell me he neeDS to go on the Cpap Mask as we have done trial and errors many times in the past. He just could not get use to it. I think things will improve once I get rid of the blasted hospital bed.


My son has been staying with us as his apartment rent went up again and he could not afford it. He also was laid off from his job, so he is staying here for the time being and has been helping me. It has been an adjustment for both of us. lol I really don't know what I would have done without him in the beginning when Larry came home. It was overwhelming just learning the feeding formula and meds.






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Happy Spring Julie.  In Florida, the weather is 87 with it going into the 90 weekend We don't seem to have Spring in Florida, just  hot and hotter. 


Sorry that your son lost his job, but having him to help is great.  The rent in Central Florida is too much and the wages are not enough.  My daughter is back at school, and she lives with us with the two grandkids.  


Enjoy Spring 



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Julie I guess you can say Summer is just around the bend so even more warmer weather is coming our way... It seems like the apartment managers can raise the rent when ever they want too... I got to start looking for my daughter a place to live pretty soon when she start back getting her SSI and she is 51 years old and locked up....


All the best to you Larry and your son!!!!

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Julie, summer will come and then get out and about as much as you can.  Our days are getting colder, was at my daughters for five nights and the second night I had to ask for an extra blanket. Miss you in Caregiver Chat, I hope you can come back soon.

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