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A smile of recognition



This past Saturday while grocery shopping

This past Saturday while grocery shopping I encounter my daughter with her nine month old son

She said look it's grandpa

I said hi. dust how are you he turned toward me when he heard my voice and I saw his eyes light up with recognition and that big smile melted my heart

I am so thankful I came through my anyurism and stroke to see my grand son and this latest encounter was so beautiful if I was able to drive I never would have been at that store the bus goes to it once an hour so traveling by bus to that store works and I got to experience that smile of recognition

Thank you god

Peace and love



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Jay, just sent some time on Skype with my grand daughter who lives 17 hours drive away from me, so I know how seeing the little ones can mean so much to us grand parents.  Thanks for expressing it all so well.


Sue from Down Under

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