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Today is a struggle



Medicaid delayed

The paperwork I need to submit my daughter has and she's working

No insurance still

Social Security wants an updated neuropsychological evaluation last one done 4/10/14

Can't afford to pay for neuropsych evaluation it cost $2000

I stopped by my favorite coffeehouse

Where I joke with one of the workers there that I always need my Skyler fix

I explained to her my situation today and why am struggling

And she said to me don't worry everything will work out I believe in karma and you are you've got a good soul

Just remember to stay positive because you you're always such a positive person


That helped but I had to turn to you people because as a wiser person than me once sorrows shared are diminished

Please take the struggles and bury them for me

Thank you all for your uplifting comments




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Hi Jay, that is a wise person who you talk to in the coffee shop. Before my

stroke, I kept passing out, was teaching, and told by the doctor, that I needed a less shress job! Then went to disney, enjoyed it but working in the

heat was bad for me, so got a inside job, one week, and I passed out, lost my job. Doctors said I could still work, got a job after a month, here came Mr.Stroke. I carried the insurance, so had none, husband job cut his hours, and could get no help. Lost our house, and someone wrected our car. On top of that the doctor said no more working, and SSD turned me down,


What kept me strong? My belive and family. At first I stop giving the

problems to the Lord, and would just worry like that could do anything. Now I get going back into hospital, met a nurse, who took the time to talk to me. After that talk, i started to pray read my bible, start calling

friends who were strong in God.

Keep thinking postive. Everything we went through made us stronger. We

always had something to eat, we got some where to stay and we got one of my husband work mate came and fixed a old car that was justed parked. Plus

People kept knocking the door, bringing food, and one friend did my paperwork and a phone number of an attorney.


After two years, got my SSD, husband job, hours are good, got somewhere

nice to live, son is in college, and finish in August (thank you Lord), and that car last till we got a better one. And my health has got better, have not been in the hospital for the last two years YES!


I am praying for your break through. Look up not down. After the storm

here comes the sunshine!


Love and Hugs



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Jay :

just write down your troubles & give it to God let him take care of those. you do things which you can do it without worrying about it. I know easy for me to say it. can you talk with attorney to get you help with SSDI process or talk with SSDI councelor & explain them your situation I am sure they will have other suggestion for you to do it which might be less costly.



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Thanks for the sound advice I do have a lawyer I'll call him today

But you're right write down the things I can't control and deal with the things I can

I love the support I get from this site


Peace and prayers


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