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I Got Home Health Care From An Agency Again!!!



Well you all I don't get on here as, often as I once did almost daily, because I got a lady that comes in 5 days each week from 9 to 11 am helping me recover some more from what ever it was that caused me to be almost helpless... It wasn't another stroke but I can't do what I could do just months ago, IE, walking, stooping, reaching down to get something off the floor etc... Now I have to use a reacher to pick up things down low or on the floor, and even get bottles of water from the refrigerator in my room because I can't stoop down that far without falling...


I been on the floor several times (falling) softly where I can't get my feet back under me and pull myself up on something to get up and back on my feet... I really hate having to call my wife at work just to come home and help me get to my feet when it's not her lunch time or her get off time.... Some way some how I even managed to fall out of my computer chair one day.... My little dog stayed right by me until my wife got home to help me get up again...


So the situations I manage to get myself into is when I'm at home alone like I was in 2004 when the stroke came calling my name but my wife had a dental appointment that day and came home a couple hours after I had the stroke... Had she been at work she wouldn't have gotten home until around 5 or 6 pm... By that time from 12 noon when the stroke hit me I would have surely died the doctors told my wife at the hospital when I was admitted...


So I feel blessed, lucky, and good I am still here on the board meeting new people daily, I'm just not on as often as I used to be as I stated above... Life is still good just, I don't have the moving about abilities I once had months ago... I still got my scooter in the SUV and one or two at home I use for going across the street to the cluster box to get the mail for the day or a block down the street to the neighborhood convenient store...


Yea I still play the lottery and now it's so many different ones I really feel my time is coming to hit it BIG here in Texas... I gotta have a bit of good luck because I sure have had my share of not so good luck lately.... But that's life we all face daily and hey, I'm still here without much pains to make me feel bad...


My wife and a couple of her choir members plan on going to the casino by the end of this month... I told her that was my Mothers Day present to her for looking after me here daily... So life is still good for me and her, God loves us...


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Fred :


I love your attitude of gratitude. No wonder you are doing so well mentally & not sitting in sidelines crying why me. you inspire me.



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Hey Asha,


Thanks a million but at my age now I just want to be a survivor and happy I have moved on from the stroke but the affects will last a very long time I'm sure!!!

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Hey Fred! You are still here, still writing, still blogging, still posting and encouraging others, that is what counts.  Age slows us down but as long as we can still keep smiling we are okay.

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Sue, you got that right, I will never give up, give in, or out if I can help it somehow with the emotional help of my wife... Being one handed makes anyone slower in what we want to do but we learn to make adjustments and still accomplish the mission in front of us...


Old soldiers like myself make adjustments we can still live with daily somehow, someway and with the grace of God our Father..... I have had so many close calls with death so He knows right where I am, He's just not ready for me yet I suppose.....

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It's great to hear you have help again!    Is she a therapist, or someone that comes in and does some of the work for you?  (meals, dishes)   

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Yes, this lady comes in at 9am but has to leave at 10am just one hour is all the VA will allow me to have since my wife does all my bathing me they took away one hour.... She will also sweep the kitchen floor, clean dishes from the sinks and fix me breakfast too so I do OK with the services...


A therapist does come in for my PT time in the afternoons for one hour to work on me walking better and more...

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Hi Fred,


You rock with your positive energy.  I work for a home health agency and some of our clients who need a little bit of help get very grumpy with our caregivers. The VA surprises me in how they do their hours. One of our clients has had multiple strokes, but he doesn't need help with bathing at all. He needs a housekeeper and they know, but still allow him all of his hours.

Do you have a lifeline to use as well?

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