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I need to get someone into the home when needed so I can take care of personal business. I would like to know how to evaluate a care agency to know if I can trust them with Mom's care while I am gone. I would start with the recommendation from the hospital social worker. She said I should stay here the first time to see how they are.


Any thoughts?


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John: all caregivers here are going to give you many tips on evaluations of home care. I really can't help you much, since I worked in health care and had my choice of carers in to take care of Bruce. Plus I had worked with them - knew their ethics.


Even so, all the valuables and financial records need to be removed from the house or put in an area that the carer does not have access to. Mom does need to bond with the carer, so yes, staying home for the first day is suggested. After you review Mom's needs and the layout of the areas of house he/she will be working in - leave to your home office or a den, just so you are in ear shot.


Check the agency's ratings on-line with your State web site. Ask for the credentials on any carer assigned to you from their agency.Look for cleanliness, professionalism. Be very clear what you expect the carer to do for you and Mom during his/her time.


I am sure others will chime in, who just had to go with the agency paid for by the Insurance Company - but those are just a few ideas to consider.


I think you need the time away and so glad you are considering a carer for Mom.

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Debbie covered most of what you need to know.  In my case, Larry had long term care insurance which covered home carers.  You can check out agencies which provide home helpers or carers yourself and also check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure they are reputable agencies.  I tried two to finally get the best care and compatability for Larry.  Some require a minimum of so many hours a week.  It is good to have this help for your own personal needs, errands and doctor appointments.  


Best wishes.



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I work for a home health agency. Don't worry I won't promote my company here. But please make sure the agency you use is licensed,bonded,and insured. Do follow the advice of putting all valuables away. If your mom needs physical therapy a nurse or anything medical related as well as a caregiver see if they can recommend an agency that takes care of that as well. Otherwise ask for no medical agencies. Be as honest as possible about what you want in services. You can always ask an agency to give you references from current clients.

My agency has a four hour minimum. We take private pay and long term care insurance. We just recently added credit card payment. Some agencies will give you discounts but ask them when looking. Depending on your hours you might have different people coming in your home. Check with the agency about consistency. Yes it's good to be there on the first day. A good agency will spend some time with you get to know you and your mom. Ask about their background checks and if they do drug test. Hope this is all helpful.

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Based on the replies here, I won't be looking for anyone to come into the house. I don't have time to check everyone. I have to assume anyone is a potential criminal. If I don't trust them not to steal from us, I wouldn't trust them alone with my Mom. I don't have surveillance cameras. I would be better off having a cop here while I run my errands.

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If your Mom is OK with it, day care is really the way to go.  Lots of chance for socialization.  Wish my husband would agree, but maybe someday.

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