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HumpDay (wednesday)



Wednesday "humpday" doesn't have the same meaning for me!There are times I don't recall the day of the week.

My day started drinking coffee watching the sun rise over southern Lake Huron, with two freighters passing in the middle of the glistening sunlight. For 26 years I've Had that as a possibility, yet only now do I take advantage of this glorious spectical every day.

Then as I was walking up the street to my bench where I wait for the bus the birds we're tripping to me as I was walking along is as if say good morning.

I sat on my bench heard some noise in the bushes nearby and a squirrel popped out SAT upright and started yelling at me is as if to say I was disturbing his peaceful morning, I’m certain it wasn’t one of my friends from the other day. Almost one with all the animals in the neighborhood.

I made my way to town for coffee at my favorite place, when I walked out I was stunned by the fragrance of the flowering trees planted on the sidewalk, I don't know what kind of flowering tree it was but I will ask one of the store owners next time.


I am so thNKFUL TO Hve survived and have the opportunity to experience such beauty.


Next: 1. off to the other hospital for a stroke support group

2. back to bcheck on my new friend

3. music therapy

Details to follow, have a great day, make time to appreciate the little things and share your experience.


peace, love and prayers, to all my new friends,




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I am having trouble too, even with my reading glasses.   I'm guessing you have written this in another program and pasted it here, and that is why the font is off.  You should be able to open it by clicking on the edit on your post, then highlight all the words, then change the font to 14 (what mine is) then click button on the bottom 'save changes'.

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Sorry it took so long to get this to a 14 font, i have been using my phone, switched to a lap top, but no internet at home, have to find a location with WiFi.


I hope this works.



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