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Monday June 29, 2015

I stopped by the outpatient rehab unit to visit, I saw a "friend" that I met when I was a patient. I watched her slowly walk the hall way using a cane, ( she has been using a wheel chair for over a year),waiting for her therapy to get done, as not cause any distraction, I wanted to encourage her and give some positive feedback about her progress. I was in the waiting room, hoping to talk to her on her way out. To pass the time, I was doing a word search. I finally checked at the desk, she had finished therapy 20 minutes earlier. It would seem, she walked passed the waiting room I was in, I missed her because of my loss of peripheral vision I didn't see her come down the hallway.


Just a little frustrating. Not that I have the visual impairment, but that my executive function issues are evident, I should have thought this through ahead of time.

Peace, love and prayers,



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jay :


I am sorry you missed her this time maybe next time tell her you are waiting outside to talk with her after she finishes her therapy. don't be so hard on yourself lesson learnt is not wasted effort. we all learn & grow from our mistakes.



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Asha, I appreciate your comments, you are so right leaning from our mistakes is effort well spent. I know how I will handle things this Friday, I know she has therapy Mon, Wed Fri. Just as I did when we met.

Your comments are always so supportive and I love reading them. Thanks for taking the time to read and respond.


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