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Where do the memories go when they leave?



I'm left to wonder where my memory went? Short term memory we all have issues with, but long term should be relatively intact. At least that was what they told me in rehab. The really creepy thing is you don't even know your memory is gone because that whole time period was wiped clean, no clues exist , just an empty canvas you don't know about either.. It has gone to wherever socks go when they disappear in the dryer.


But gradually you form memories but they aren't yours. The person who remembers your presentation on search engine optimization...Another who remembers your costume from the conference dinner,I wonder if I enjoyed it? a sailboat race, we came in second...and so much more. My gap is 3 months but apparently I was quite active, I don't know for sure. All my memories of that time are borrowed from others. Good friends all and I appreciate their attempts to help, but it is very disquieting sometimes.


The good news is nobody has said the saw me naked on a rooftop with a deer rifle. :wacko:


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Scott :


first of all you got great sense of humor. reading your blog makes me realize what other survivors with different deficits r going through.



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LOL -- about the deer rifle.. I have been suffering from depression , and that has been troublesome for me… like you I had concerns, but I must have kept my clothes on and didnt dance on a bar counter. thanks for the giggle at the end of your entry… Darn stroke take it all sometimes, but you do have a great sense of humor...

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Speaking of memories, my doctor put me on Ginkgo Biloba 60mg.... It supports mental sharpness in the brain...Probably the part of my brain that the stroke affected because I can't remember very much some times.... My wife is always saying "I told you several times" but I just don't remember but now I'm slowly getting better in memories of things I been told...


I still don't know where memories go but they sure hid out in the brain some place... I think I'm doing somewhat better when I can slow my mind down and really think back to recall certain conversations of past things that were discussed and recent things too.... I'm improving I think..... 

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Scott - one positive, so many of our survivors have lost so much more time than you have. Some don't recognize their children or spouse. I can only imagine how disconcerting it is to have a gap - Bruce's is about 4 months right around the stroke. I tested it out with friends and family and most of us agree that is about what is gone. Is it tucked away in a back room closet where the hallway is under construction? Will the construction ever be complete? But I am thankful he does not remember the stroke or the few weeks after that. Debbie

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Indeed, my wife and kids have told me how scared she was that I would say 'who are you' when I finally woke up but fortunately I did not lose that.


The docs tell me that some things are better when they are lost. Not sure I agree but I can see their point. The worst of the physical pain is at the tail end of that block of time.

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I believe our memories are out there in the cosmos somewhere probably hooking up with those darn missing socks


I lost about three months partially due to a chemically induced coma after my surgery for the anyeurism. I'm glad I lost most of that.

Short term memory is horrible.

I had no idea how bad it waswhen I attempted to go back to work I would call people in fora meeting then ask why are you here?

When my wife asksme to do something ido it right away otherwise I forget to do it.

Hell hath no fury...

Scott I do appreciate your sense of humour I believe humor is the best medicine

I understand the memories from others

I'm told I kept exposing myself while in ICU

When an older nurse asked me why o was always trying to show my junk, I responded " because I can.

I'm glad I don't recall that.

I don't know if my memory is getting better or if I'm getting better at compensating.

Be well my friend laugh often it helps with the depression

Peace, love and prayers.


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