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Sunday Fun continued



The two boys played find until a third showed up: two is company but three is a fight; one will always be the odd man out.

Still fun to watch.

Wehad friends over for a cook out. I had to laugh at myself.

I allow myself one beer ( allow myself? After one I'm ready for bed.), I had my one beer on the table by the rill, as I walked past not looking closely enough, I reached with my left hand, ( weak hand) I guess I didntconcentrate enough on opening my fingers tograsp the beer bottle, (darn left hand ), I knocked off the table and spilled over 3/4 of it on the ground.


once again, If I don't laugh I would cry. I did allow myself another one.


"I get by with a little help from my friends" (Thanks Scott and Asha)



All in all it was still a wonderful evening, good food, music and conversations with great friends.


peace, love, joy and prayers,



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