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Minor mission accomplished



I had to go with my sister in law to the grocery store to pick up a couple items and I successfully made it through without slamming my card into anyone Alleluia

I love the successful trip to the grocery store where I don't run the risk of causing injury to others what a wonderful day

Peace,love to all

I love being able to share my minor accomplishments with you nobody around here understands my joy



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jay :


congratulations, and we love hearing your accomplishments. that in itself tells us more about the person & how his post stroke life will be. enjoy your post stroke life rome wasn't built in a day. BTW make sure not to become expert in grocery shopping otherwise your wife will assign that chore to you lol  like I have done to my hubby for different reasons.



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Congrats Jay! Isn't it interesting that we take joy in the little things others take for granted. That is what I refer as one of the Easter eggs left behind for us.Keep on doing and reporting in, hearing what someone else did can be the motivation some of us need to take that next step.

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Thanks Scott you words are so kind u can only pray that I can be an inspiration to someone.it is totally amazing the little things we take joy in others are missing out

Just as thorton wilder wrote in our town can't they see? But I guess they can't


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