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Minor mission failure



I fired up the charcoal grill this afternoon. I decided since my daughter left a box of hamburgerpatties I would grill dinner and do a few extras so we would have them later if wanted or needed.

Well you may have guessed, I did great on the first 4, I forgot about the last two, they aren't even chared leather they burned to ashes.

Darn, I hate it when that happens.

Must laugh about this one.

Peace, love joy and prayers,



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Jay :


I use microwave timer for my daily cooking as my back up in case I forget gas while doing something else not that it has ever happened, but its my security blanket while cooking.



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Asha sound advice, u always use a timer in the kitchen must find a method to use while grilling out side, at least my wife didn't find out. Lol


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The more I think about it it isn't a failure unless I don't learn from the experience.

After all Edison claimed. He didn't fail 476 times trying to invent the lightbulb, he discovered 476 ways that didn't work. No I'm not comparing myself to Edison, just using his idea to seek the good in a not so good outcome of grilling


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